Thursday, January 03, 2013

Kate Mara's Makeup Style

Actress Kate Mara has one of the more interesting faces in show biz these days. Rooney's older sister isn't very smiley on the red carpet, but there's something about her that's softer than her sibling and seems more approachable. Maybe it's the freckles. Kate's makeup has been extremely consistent. I went through dozens of photos that made it clear that Kate Mara favors a signature look of a very nude lip with well-defines eyes and heavy lashes. Kate's eye makeup varies slightly between a softer and a heavier smoky eye, but it's always black-charcoal. I could only find one older photo where she's wearing a bolder lip color:

I wonder about signature looks. It's always a relief to find something you know works for you. Consistency is probably the first step towards an iconic look, but does it take away from the fun and creativity of makeup?  Do you have a signature look?

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  1. BO-ring. The nude lip and dark smoky eye has been beaten to death, and it's unflattering on most women--including her. She'll probably be doing the same makeup in 2040.

    If I have a signature look, it's classic with a twist. I keep up with trends, but am not trendy. Just changing up a lip color can change your look and keep it modern, not frumpy.

  2. To me this is like a dilemma (also for perfume!)
    On the one hand I love the idea of having a signature look - consistency, consolidation are things that I value, and that are in tune with other ideas of style/lifestyles...
    On the other building a collection of make-up and have fun trying various things is so much fun! And in my case it does not even "help" that I am relatively new to make-up i.e. I should be happy to have somewhat mastered a look !

  3. I don't think it's particularly boring as it is a look that looks beautiful on her although I'd probably add a little more color to the lip. When I do it I tend to add a more lively color or at least less nude. The thing is, you can experiment all you want but some looks are going to suit you better than others so run with them. :)

  4. Personally, I think that nude lip thing has got to go. I do not understand why women want to erase their lips. I have never once seen it look attractive on anyone.

    A signature look can be quite chic... as long as it's not the exact same look every day for decades. A cat eye? Lovely! But varying the colour of the liner and the boldness of the line, and even (gasp!) adding a bit of glitter keeps it from becoming dated or boring.

  5. I didn't arrive at my look purposely, it's just what makes me feel good and (I think) look good. I wear my hair in a very short pixie and it's my natural color....dark taupey blonde with a little grey. I have a big gray chunk in front off to one side that's very striking...women ask me if I have it dyed there. As for makeup...I wear a sheer foundation, undereye concealor, very well defined brows (which I dye and enhance with Anastasia pencil), dark brown or black eyeliner in a classic 50's cat eye shape, very light natural colored eyeshadows applied with a light hand, mascara in black (Armani is my fav), a sheer but bright cheek color and a bright lip. Red, orange, coral, pink. BRIGHT is the key....I don't like frost, sparkles, lipgloss or anything brown based. I like full-on lipstick. I've worn this look since the 80's and I'll be wearing it when I'm in my 80's. I've tried to do the nude lip/smokey eye. It looks dirty, disheveled and well...unhealthy on me. I look like I'm on death's doorstep with that look. And so does most people I see wearing it.

  6. I think she looks more interesting with the nude lips and smokey eyes. Maybe she doesn't wear lipstick because it just doesn't look that great on her. We all come to learn what works for us and what doesn't. I would love to rock some bold red lipstick or dark smokey eyes but it just doesn't look good on me. I look fresher and younger with less that I mean, less obvious makeup, I still look better with makeup!


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