Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Emmy Rossum In Mexico City

Emmy Rossum is usually impeccable and flawless in a way few stars of her generation can manage (can you believe Emmy and Lindsay Lohan were born the same year?). But whoever is responsible for the look she sported at the Beautiful Creatures Mexico City premiere should be ashamed of him/herself. Yes, it's easy to play up the Audrey Hepburn resemblance, but the hair and makeup chosen for the occasion are taking it to costume territory which is utterly unnecessary for Emmy. She can and should walk the red carpet as Emmy Rossum, not as an Audrey impersonator. I'm not too keen on the Zuhair Murad dress, either. It's too frilly and looks like a window treatment.

Photo credit: Getty via Just Jared.


  1. I agree about the dress. Love those earrings, though!

  2. I really am disappointed when I see celebs channeling icons of another era. There is only one Audrey Hepburn and Emmy Rossum doesn't even come close. Wearing a beehive and winged eyeliner from the sixties does not transform a woman into Hepburn. Emmy is a beauty in her own right and should have confidence in her own fashion image. She should have said no to her stylist. Stylist problem aside, I wish someone would tell celebs that the pigeon toed stance looks awkward. And what's up with that stiff little arm wave? As for the dress, it could be cute in a young and fresh sort of way, but Emily looks painfully awkward in these pictures; like she's frightened to move. Perhaps it worked better when she was in motion.


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