Sunday, February 10, 2013

Who Wore What At The 2013 Grammys?

Adele wore a tea cozy by Valentino.

Kat Dennings wore a beautiful Vivienne Westwood dress with Marion Cotillard's face.

Taylor Swift wore a(nother) white dress. This one's by J. Mendel.

J.Lo wore her usual lack of her shame.

Kaley Cuoco fired her Emmys stylist and found common sense.

Solange Knowles, Katy Perry and Florence Welch wore green. Only Solange seemed to have fun doing it.

Alexa Chung wore an inexplicable summery sundress (Valentino).

Beyonce wore a jumpsuit (Osman Studios) that looked better than 90% of the gowns she's ever donned for red carpet events.

Karlie Kloss wore her Michael Kors dress and supermodel status as wonderfully as ever.

Carly Rae Jepsen wore a stiff undergarment and lots of silver eyeliner.

Alicia Keys wore an LBD that showed quite a bit of underboob while on stage (not the Azzedine Alaia gown she had on the red carpet).

Faith Hill wore braces that were almost as stiff as Nicole Kidman's face.

Justin Timberlake shaved.

John Mayer wore his massive ego.

And since  neither Clooney nor Jon Hamm were in attendance, we'll have to do with Adam Levine (in a Lanvin suit).

Photos: Just Jared, Faded Youth Blog, Zimbio.


  1. Well, that's kind of a mixed bag. I'm glad Adele wore color but not granny's curtains and matching shoes. Maybe if it were a pencil skirt, sleeveless, shorter with a different neckline she might be able to wear it.

    I'd like to know what Kat's lip color is. Yes I mistook her for Cotillard. I loved Taylor Swift's dress but I think it would have looked more regal and goddess-like on Charlize Theron.

    JLo's leg. Well, when you're wearing that style you had better make sure the slit is at a flattering angle. On tv it looked like it was cutting perpendicular to her leg which made her hips look wider. Not so great.

    Florence...I don't normally like green but seeing it on tv was like seeing liquid emerald flowing. Yeah it was odd but kind of goes with her quirkiness.

    Can't wait to see what comes out for a stroll for the Oscars!

  2. As an eek - is Timberlake in taffeta??? I really hate that.

  3. Oh Justin, you make me feel like I'm 13 every time I look at you! SWOON!

    I need an eyeshadow the color of Katy Perry's dress.

  4. Thanks for this recap. I didn't watch but you've shown me all I really need to see.

  5. I want Adele back in black!

  6. I find Adam a very good replacement for Clooney and Hamm. Better actually. ;)

  7. Absolutely spot on - all of them ! XD

  8. Love your commentary! I really really don't understand why Jennifer Lopez dresses so badly all the time. She is one of the most naturally beautiful female celebrities (I mean no surgery, not that she's not legendarily high maintenance) and could look so much better.

  9. Well done, Bey. I love that little black & white number. Such a relief from her usual skin-tight, slit-to-here, slashed-to-there, Heeeeeeeere's BEYONCE!! stuff.

    Nicole Kidman looks like HELL. Bad color, worse hair. Oy.

    It does look like JT's jacket is moiré, which I am very much against in theory, but it fits him to a trice and he looks pretty hot.

  10. I LOVE your comments, they are so true and SO entertaining!

  11. funny comments...and why would someone be dressed like little miss Teapot, and why would Valentino make such a designer-faux pas?

  12. I cannot stand Adele ever; here she looks like a badly upholstered couch. Justin Timberlake & Adam Levine are both atrocious as well.

  13. Katy Perry's dress flattened her boobs, while Taylor Swift's showed her non-existence of them ...

  14. Amusing comments- put a smile on my face!

  15. Personally, I didn't find Adele's dress (a very striking color and the print had a rather quirky charm about it) that offensive compared to say, Katy Perry's (Colgate-mint-toothpaste-circa-1970s-green + rejected aquarium decor + Morticia Adam's wig = >_< ).

  16. Shame? Why on earth should JLO have shame? She's gorgeous. Not skinny enough?


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