Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ginnifer Goodwin: Two Makeup Looks

I know that not all of you share my love for Ginnifer Goodwin, but I can't help it. I find her adorable and unique looking. She also seems to enjoy makeup and is not averse to taking some risks (yes, yes, I know. Her Met Gala look-- below-- was beyond atrocious, but I'm trying to repress that memory).

Ginnifer's Met Gala punk look
The two looks above are from last week. Ginnifer attended the Disney Media Networks International Upfronts sporting a cat eye and a purple (or fuchsia. Depending on the light and the angle) lip color. Her chosen outfit was less sharp. The Theory jumpsuit was simply not pretty or flattering, and even a blazer couldn't save it (to see a good jumpsuit have a look at the stunning Solange Knowles). I'm still trying to determine if the blush Ginnifer clashes too much with the lipstick. At least it's interesting.

Ginnifer Goodwin arrives at the Disney Media Networks International 'Upfronts 2013'

Ginnifer Goodwin and boyfriend, Josh Dallas, Vogue and MAC Cosmetics dinner hosted by Lisa Love and John Demsey in honour of Prabal Gurung

The other look from Monday night the previous week was softer. The shimmery taupe eye shadow took center stage (and complemented her Prabal Gurung dress), accompanied by natural looking lip and cheek. Those of you with a encyclopedic MAC knowledge may be able to identify the eye shadow(s) used-- the company was the co-host of the Vogue dinner honoring Prabal Gurung.

Which makeup look is your favorite?

All photos of Ginnifer Goodwin via Zimbio.


  1. i prefer the second look. and i really love the small, narrow, rectangular earrings she is wearing. such a nice, angular contrast to the softer look over all!

  2. she looks the prettiest in the second look, which opens up her eyes. she has deep-set lids, and the dark liner just pushes them back more, making her look a bit out of proportion.

    and yes, the blush does not complement the lipstick in the first shot. it's too warm for the blue undertones of the lipstick (like the lipstick on her - she is pale and contrasty enough to pull it off).


  3. I prefer the second look. As for the eyeshadow, maybe it is a mix of Nocturnelle with Stars ‘n Rockets. Amalia

  4. Love the second look--so pretty. The bright lipstick trend isn't a good one--so few can pull it off without looking like clowns or ten years older. And I love that she changes up her hair, unlike Michelle Williams. Short cuts can be very versatile.


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