Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Garcelle Beauvais In A Purple Lipstick

Garcelle Beauvais had to appearances yesterday in NYC to promote the new movie White House Down. Garcelle changed dresses between events and added the pretty blue earrings, but she kept the purple lipstick. My first reaction to the lipstick was "No", but it's growing on me, perhaps because it's such an unexpected pairing with the navy eye makeup. What do you think?

Photos via Zimbio.


  1. I love her makeup in general. She has a lovely warm glow to her skin and her eyes sparkle, but then those lips. . . Ugh! Those lips! I love a bold fuschia lip and Garcelle could easily pull it off, but this particular irridescent purple shade just doesn't work with her skin tone.

  2. magenta! i like it on her. she is strong enough personality-wise to carry it off. let the girl play. it may not be the BEST color on her, but who cares. it wipes off. that is the fun of lipstick! playtime!


  3. Oddly, it looks better up close than from a distance. Thumbs up!

  4. I could never wear it in a million years, but I think she's carrying it off. Good for her for trying something fun and different.

  5. Personally, I love the look, but I think it works well with her coloring to. This lipstick color was very popular in the 80's, Loreal did it with a matching nail color and an eyeshadow trio that an opalescent pink...

  6. She's such a pretty girl and she's my complexion also... I think she pulled it off but I also think maybe her team forgot to touch up her face and therefore didn't make the lipstick change.... she does look kind of shiny!

  7. I think it works on her, but it's better close up where more of the pink comes through. It wouldn't work on me, though. I would look like I had just drowned.


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