Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Secrets Of The Flat-Footed

(...and the weak-ankled)

There's a reason I'm a Manolo girl: sexy heels that are actually wearable. I once made a friend gasp when demonstrating that I could run in 3.5" pumps (well, perhaps some of the surprise was due to seeing me run, no matter the footwear. I doubt it has happened since). The sandals above, Manolo Blahnik's Platee ($765 at Saks and Bergdorf), are exactly the kind of shoe that conforms to the foot just enough, supports the ankle (my right one has been wonky for nearly 30 years), and allows one to walk without compromising style. And like all Manolos, it will not look dated by next summer. That's a big one on my list.

Not even Jada Pinkett Smith appearance at Comic-Con pairing these Manolo Blahnik sandals with one of the worst things she's ever worn (by Cushnie et Ochs, if you care) can turn off my admiration for this pair.

Jada Pinkett Smith photos by  Mark Davis for Getty via Zimbio.


  1. hmm. almost any other context, i would agree on this. however, it is comic-con. i think that this dress actually works for this venue. it has that comic book sensibility.

  2. You know how I told you it looks like my 3 yr old grand daughter got into that brush of Lauders .... well she looks like her scissor attack kept going .... right onto Jada's dress! LOL

  3. I love those! Hope you get them!

  4. Love the shoes but Jada is a hot mess.

  5. Those manolo's are beautiful! I too prefer heels I can actually walk in and provide some support, 'trendy' 12cm platforms be d***ed!
    I usually love Cushnie et Ochs minimal & chic designs but I agree this isn't one of their better options.


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