Monday, July 28, 2014

The Looks Of Comic-Con

Comic-Con is no longer the nerds Oscars, but a true A-lister magnet, where there's a wonderful combination of fun, irreverence, and red carpet glamour. It's the perfect event for experimental looks, like the one we see above on the lovely Elle Fanning who gets to look her age (she's 16, but often dress quite mature). I had a bright yellow eye shadow when I was her age which I actually wore to school more than once, to my mother's great horror.

Speaking of yellow, the yellow pumps made another appearance, this time on Nina Dobrev, who can pull of anything and everything.

And while  we're looking at shoes, Salma Hayek managed to find the ugliest shoes in existence. These are Alexander McQueen and she seemed quite proud of them:

I don't know what made Cate Blanchett choose this odd dress. The hair and makeup are her usual sophisticated self, but the dress looks off, especially from the waist down.

But the worst dress of Comic-Con was probably the one Elizabeth Olsen wore on Saturday. Elizabeth  has already had her share of red carpet disasters (remember her Disney On Ice look from the Met Gala?), but this dress from her sisters' The Row label can be a cause for a family feud:

To end things on a good and glamorous note, here are Vera Farmiga and Gwendoline Christie (both in Peter Pilotto embelished dresses. I want one). I think they were having a lot of fun.

All photos: Getty North America, via Zimbio.


  1. oh! that red peter pilotto! i never knew of this designer and now having done a quick review... i LOVES it! it draws to mind origami, without being boxy. structured without being heavy. fantastic!

  2. As a So Cal native, I've attended ComicCon several times and really hate to see it being overrun by a bunch of A - Z listers who are only putting in an appearance because their handlers have decided it will give them some street cred and make them appear hip. Most of the celebs putting in an appearance this year haven't the slightest idea as to what ComicCon is about nor do they really care. They're only there for the photo ops and exposure. Now that Cochella has lost a lot of its cache as a bonafide music festival thanks to all the posers, I guess it was only a matter of time until they would "discover" ComicCon. In truth, I much preferred looking at the pictures of the fans who came dressed as their favorite comic characters. They actually looked like they were having fun and knew why they were there.

  3. While all the gals are lively and talented, I like Salma's and Elizabeth ' s dress (sorry Gaia) I really like it! All the other's, are horrible. I don't like the prints by Peter Pilotto, and Cate ' s dress is very matronly.

  4. I've been amazed at the number of celebrities being photographed at ComicCon - I guess it's turned into the place for everyone to publicize their new movies/shows/whatever. I don't care...but it seems like many do, including Eileen, which I totally understand.

    I agree with your thoughts on Salma Hayek's shoes - why would a beautiful woman want to wear those monstrosities? Also that horribly ugly dress worn by Cate Blanchette - awful. As far as the dress worn by Elizabeth Olsen...maybe she just needed proper undergarments? It shows her figure to a disadvantage...

  5. I think Cate B's dress is supposed to have an anime, Japanese school girl vibe but was too subtle.


  6. I think Elizabeth's dress is just a tad too snug. You can see the indent of her belly button. I love Nina Dobrev's dress. Any idea who the designer is?

  7. I wore yellow eyeshadow as a teenager, too! Mine was inherited from my aunt, it was part of a Mary Quant trio with two green shades and one yellow, which was completely untouched, since my aunt found the idea of wearing yellow eyeshadow impossible. My current yellow eyeshadow is part of YSL quartet (with orange, terracotta and mocha shades).

  8. I love Vera Farmiga's dress!

  9. Vera Farmiga looks incredible - adore that dress and most Peter Pilotto creations. As for the rest, they need to fire their stylists. Making Cate Blanchett look bad must be really hard work.


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