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Monday, February 18, 2008

Aphrodite did a bad bad thing: Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips- A Book Review

I knew I was going to like this book when one page into it I read the following:

"Are you talking to me?" said the tree. It had a faint Australian accent.
"Yes" said Artemis. "I am Artemis". If the tree experienced any recognition, it didn't show it. "I'm the goddess of hunting and chastity," said Artemis. Another silence. Then the tree said, "I'm Kate. I work in mergers and acquisitions for Goldman Sachs."

It had a Douglas Adams feel, only sexier.

Gods Behaving Badly by UK author Marie Phillips is a cute book that would give anyone a delightful weekend. Or a good reason to come home early and not even turn the TV on. You don't have to be a mythology nerd like me to enjoy reading what the Greek gods have been up to since their fall from grace, how Apollo has made a career in daytime TV, what use Aphrodite has found for her famous skills and why Eros has become a born-again Christian.

There are also a couple of humans in the book, heroes and anti-heroes, life, death and the after-life, and a new look at London's Underground system.

I don't know why they made a different cover for the American edition (left). I much prefer the British one.

Art: Aphrodite by Ron Hutt as appeared on yatzer