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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Morphé Brushes- Round Tapered Crease & Bullet Crease Eye Brushes

Sometimes you really get exactly what you pay for. With that in mind I shouldn't complain about the quality of these two Morphé crease brushes- the Round Tapered Crease and the Bullet Crease. I bough them at IMATS because their shapes looked great and I was already at the Morphé Brushes booth to check out the Jumbo Fan brush. I always need another small smudge/pencil brush and the price was so ridiculously low that I just added them to my purchase. I should have been more observant.

Italian Badger is probably not the best choice for the eye area. Yes, it picks a lot of product and in theory can create a good smoky eye, but ouch! The hair is too coarse for detail work and the brushes should not be used if you're going to apply any pressure.

The Round Tapered Crease brush is the bigger of the two and you can see that it's comparable in size (only!) to Hourglass #9 and NARS #14. The second one, the Bullet Crease is more of a smudge brush. Again, not quite on par with other brushes in this category, but the shape and size are good. I ended up using these two Morphé brushes for blending concealer on less sensitive areas of my face, especially with heavy duty products like Kevyn Aucoin SSE, that require the lightest application and touch so the brushes don't get to exfoliate the skin. Again- the shape is really good, so I'm glad I found some use to these brushes.

Bottom Line: at least they don't shed.

Morphé Brushes- Round Tapered Crease ($2.89) and Bullet Crease ($2.25) are available from

Monday, July 23, 2012

Morphé IB103 Flat Bronzer Brush

I love flat-top face brushes, especially those made of natural hair. I use them for many tasks from buffing and stippling foundation, applying color products to pushing powder onto the face. These uses mean a lot of contact with my skin, which means that a flat-top brush must be made of very soft hair (it also requires high density and firmness, of course, making the need of quality hair and softness even more acute).  Morphé IB103 Flat Bronzer Brush from their Italian Badger series is not good enough.

Morphé IB103 Flat Bronzer Brush appears nice at first glance until you look closely at the hair. The Italian badger fibers are coarse, rough on the skin and somehow manage to apply products quite patchily. I know one shouldn't expect too much from a brush that retails just under $11, but still. The hair quality wouldn't suffice for a shaving brush, let alone one for makeup application.

As you can see, Morphé IB103 doesn't look too suspicious even among some really good flat-top brushes. I remember complaining a little about the Kevyn Aucoin Buff Powder, but it's world apart from this Morphe brush and still sees a lot of use. My favorite among these brushes is the gorgeous Hakuhodo G527M (also available in a regular black handle version) but I heeded the advice of Hakuhodo's people and never used it with cream or liquid products. It's simply the best powder brush I know. I also have several Stila 21 brushes in regular use with just about every kind of product. They've paid their keep ages ago. All of them are much more expensive than Morphe IB103, but it's the latter that isn't worth the price, not even with the IMATS discount I had.

Bottom Line: Skip.

Morphé IB103 Flat Bronzer Brush ($10.95) is available from

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Morphé Brushes- IB120 Jumbo Kabuki Fan Brush

My Louise Young LY20 super fan brush gets lot of use. Enough so I'd go and look for a backup (it takes a while to dry). There are few options on the market for such a massive fan brush, so the one from Morphé Brushes (Italian Badger series) caught my eye.

Morphé Brushes claim to be cruelty-free, so that's a nice bonus. The Italian Badger series has pretty handles made of mahogany wood coated in a glossy finish. The handles are considerably shorter than the ones of Louise Young, and that's a minus for me, but I know many people prefer shorter brushes. Overall, Morphé IB120 is definitely comparable to the Louise Young fan brush in softness, density, and performance, as long as you're willing to deal with two issues: Morphé IB120 spreads wider (see last two photos below), so it covers a larger area, and it's not as thick and lush as LY20 (though it's close).  Morphé IB120 also gives me issues with placing it in my brush roll (the taller LY20 doesn't get in the way as much), but that's really a minor thing for me.

I've had my Morphé IB120 for about 5 weeks now, washed it a couple of times, and while it lost a few hairs initially, I'm happy with this brush and use it as backup.

Bottom Line: can't beat the price.

Morphé Brushes- IB120 Jumbo Kabuki Fan Brush ($11.55) is available from I bought mine at IMATS NY.