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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge RS727 Rose Grey & RD728 Viola

It's very simple: As long as Shiseido keeps making new colors of Lacquer Rouge liquid lipstick, I keep buying (at least some of) them. The last batch for fall included five shades. I chose two, RD728 Viola and RS727 Rose Grey. As a reminder, here's my usual gushing about the formula of Shiseido Lacquered Rouge: an almost weightless liquid lipstick with a polished, almost varnished finish. They feel great on the lips, last long and stay put once they're set.

RS727 Rose Grey is a muted beige rose that looks completely nude on my (quite dark) lips. It's the color to wear with a very dramatic eye look. RD728 Viola is a cool-toned mauvish thing, quite sophisticated and very season-appropriate. These two can be mixed together for a very pretty natural rose color that goes with just about everything.

Bottom Line: why didn't I get RD529 Tango?

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge RS727 Rose Grey & RD728 Viola ($25 each) are available at the counters and from

Monday, May 12, 2014

Shiseido Face Color Enhancing Trio RD1 Apple RS1 Plum

These two blush palettes by Shiseido are my top choice for face color this season. I've always loved the texture of Shiseido blushes and bronzers (see reviews of Shiseido Camellia Compact, Desert Rose Bronzer, and Tea Rose Blush), and the new trios are no different. A silky texture, and what appears in the compact to look like fine shimmer translates on skin as a glow, just like you get from a myriad of high quality face products.

I had to add an extra swipe of the blush, otherwise you wouldn't even see the color here

There are two other blush trios in this range, Lychee (a pale pink) and Peach (golden orange). I chose the darkest two, RD1 Apple RS1 Plum, but to be honest, I could have lived without Apple, as the "highlighter" and "bronzer" stripes there are too apricoty for my taste, and the blush is less pigmented than it appears in the pan. Each set holds three stripes of colors, which some of you may have the patience to use separately but I admit that I prefer to blend together, because these stripes are too thin for most blush brushes, and besides-- only a plastic surgeon would ever be able to sculpt my face. I do add a touch of extra color from either of the available options, making the trios quite versatile, Plum being considerably more so. I'd say that Apple is best suited for light to-medium complexions, while Plum is medium to medium-dark.

The product itself is as powdery and crumbly as it is soft. I find myself regularly cleaning up messes, no matter what brush I'm using. The elongated compacts are sleek and elegant. They remind me of the ones from Serge Lutens makeup (Lutens is owned by Shiseido). The brush that comes with each compact is not half bad and functions well if you're on the go and didn't pack any fluffy face brushes. It's soft enough to blend the colors, and the shape allows for directional application. Do have a makeup remover wipe around for the aforementioned mess.

Bottom Line: not just for Shiseido addict, but you don't need more than one.

Shiseido Face Color Enhancing Trio RD1 Apple RS1 Plum ($37 each) are available at the counters and from

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge New Colors: RS322 & RS723

Here's an easy one: as long as Shiseido keeps offering new colors of  Lacquer Rouge I will go on buying at least some of them. I love the formula (non-drying, smooth, full-coverage, long-lasting), and the elegant finish. The newest batch includes seven new colors, out of which I chose two (for now. RD319 and RD320 are also calling to me). This time I went for rosy tones: RS322 Metalrose and RS723 Hellebore.

RS322 Metalrose is a warm rose/mauve color, with kind of a terracottaish undertone that makes it a good "nude" lip color for me. I hate beige and I have dark rosy lips that don't allow for true nude colors, so this is how I do a very neutral and polite lip look for a fierce smoky eye. RS723 Hellebore is a deep rose with an almost red-purple base, the kind of color I choose a lot of the time (when not wearing red). It's flattering and not too bold (on me).

Bottom Line: Yes, please.

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge New Colors RS322 & RS723 ($25 each) are available at the counters and from

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Shiseido Lacquer Gloss RD305 & RS306

Some makeup shopping decisions are very easy and obvious. A new Shiseido lip product? I'm sold. A richly pigmented gloss? Yes, please. Choosing two out of eight available colors? Just give me the red and the plummish rose and back away slowly. That was pretty much how I ended with Shiseido Lacquer Gloss in RD305 (Lust) and RS306 (Plum Wine).

The new formula is wonderful. It's the glossy and lighter version of the much beloved Shiseido Lacquer Rouge. The pigment is very intense and resilient for a gloss, though you can definitely apply it a sheer layer for just a hint of color. The gloss is very lightweight, not sticky, unscented, and with no shimmer at all. It's a grownup kind of a lip gloss, very elegant and completely fuss-free.

RD305 Lust is a perfect classic warm red, a bombshell kind of color that was made easy to wear thanks to the formula. RS306 Plum Wine is a rich rose, the kind of color I wear as a neutral, almost my-lips-but-(way)-better. Both are beautiful, and as I said above, they were an easy choice (especially since the other six colors were too light for me, or just slightly off).

Bottom Line: will be used to the last drop.

Shiseido Lacquer Gloss RD305 & RS306 ($25 each) are available at the counters and from

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Shiseido- Accentuating Cream Eyeliner

The stuff inside the little pot of Shiseido Accentuating Cream Eyeliner appears almost glossy until you actually apply it to your lid. The creamy texture is very pliable and easy to use, but the impressive part is the way this Shiseido eyeliner behaves and settles on skin. It has an almost kohl effect that melds with the skin. I hesitate calling it a "lived-in" look because that implies a smeared and smudgy look, which is NOT the case here. The best way to describe the effect created by Shiseido Accentuating Cream Eyeliner is probably to say that it's the opposite of a harsh and graphic look. While the color is a true black, there's a softness to it that I find very beautiful. As soft as this cream liner is, it's also incredibly long-lasting and doesn't budge once set and dry. The line even resists an accidental eye rubbing. I've used it for tightlining as well as on the lashline with great success and no eye irritation.

Shiseido Accentuating Cream Eyeliner comes with the small synthetic brush you see above. The cover of the brush attaches to its bottom to form a handle, and the shape and density are perfect for the product. A couple of days after I got the eyeliner the kittens took off with the brush. Don't ask me how it happened or where they stashed it. I looked all over the place, but I suspect that somewhere in the house there's a secret stash of small items and single socks the cats are hiding from me. Since then I discovered that long and thin eyeliner brushes don't work well with this Shiseido cream liner (Louise Young LY24A and MAC 209 type). Instead, you need to go with a similar density to the original Shiseido brush and use stiff brushes- angled or ones like Hakuhodo K005.

Bottom Line: Love. Now I wish they'd make one in navy blue.

Shiseido- Accentuating Cream Eyeliner ($26) is available at the counters, Sephora (online only), and

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Shiseido Harmony RD750 Perfect Rouge Lipstick

Shiseido lipsticks rank very high in my shortlist. Every Shiseido Perfect Rouge I tried in the last five years ended up being a Big Love and in frequent use. The combination of a high coverage creamy texture and a beautiful formula that wears like feather-light balm is a true winner. Oh, and the colors are fabulous, too.

Harmony RD750 was added to Shiseido Perfect Rouge range for fall 2013. It's a slightly muted everyday red, a category that Shiseido has always excelled in making: a lipstick you (or st least I) will wear to the very last crumb. I know that compared to the glitz and glam of all the holiday collections this color is a bit of a wallflower, but it's the one I want to wear. All.The.Time.

Shiseido Harmony RD750 Perfect Rouge Lipstick ($25) is available at the counters, Sephora, and Also, if you have a freestanding Shiseido boutique anywhere near you (usually located near Japanese markets) I highly recommend visiting and doing your shopping there. These stores always have the best GWPs around (not to mention SAs who really know their stuff).

Monday, September 16, 2013

Shiseido Eye Color Bar For Holiday 2013: Swatches

The much-anticipated Shiseido Eye Color Bar For Holiday 2013 is a limited edition eye shadow palette that includes nine colors: seven are full coverage eye shadows, while two (Champagne and Soda) are a sheer shimmer for use as a top coat over any of the other seven and give it an extra holiday glitz. The palette comes in a sturdy cardboard compact (is this a Shiseido first? I don't recall them using this type of packaging before) that looks very pretty; there's a clear plastic insert with combination suggestions (aka as potential cat toy).

While Shiseido has been revamping their powder eye shadow line I can't see much of a difference in the formula between items in the Eye Color Bar and the regular Shiseido trios. No complaints here: these are among the most beautifully textured eye shadows on the market-- soft and almost creamy (they do crumble a little with use), with good color payoff and a complex ultra-fine shimmer. I'm not sure I'm that big of a fan of layering the extra shimmery Champagne and Soda (see the extra swatches), but I need to play with them more to discover the perfect balance.

Here's what we have here:
Curacao- a dreamy medium blue
Cafe- medium brown
Soda- high shimmer pinky beige
Parfait Amour- orchid purple
Liquorice- black (off black, really)
Cassis- berry. Surprisingly versatile.
Champagne- high shimmer ivory
Noisette- gorgeous taupe
Menthe- minty green

The bar-themed palette is fun and just beautiful. I wish that Shiseido had included a matte base color instead of either one of the glittery colors, but I guess that would have been a little boring, and we all have enough simple nude eye shadows. The palette is fairly small and will fit most makeup bags and evening clutches, making it travel-friendly.

Bottom Line: If anyone needs me, I'll be in front of the mirror playing with color.

Shiseido Eye Color Bar For Holiday 2013 ($50) is available at the counters and from

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer- RD629 Natural Red

This post is for a couple of readers who recently emailed to ask me either about finding a perfect everyday sheer red lipstick or about replacing this particular color, RD629 Natural Red from Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer range. RD629 Natural Red is discontinued but for the time being you can still order it from Shiseido's Final Call section of the website (scroll down to the bottom of the screen on their home page and look for "Final Cal" in the footer).

I love Shiseido's Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer formula because it's light and glossy yet rich in pigment. And as many fans have noticed, RD629 Natural Red is, indeed, a perfect daytime color that still makes a nice statement. Shiseido colors always seem to be thoughtfully conceived and balanced just so. It's a shame that this lovely shade is being phased out, so I'd say get it while you still can. Still, my readers Maryann, Jenn and Linda would like your help in finding something similar to their holy grail. Please chime in if you have suggestions.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shiseido High Beam White Luminizing Satin Face Color

I love highlighters. I love them in liquid, cream and powder form. I love them golden, pearly or with a champagne tint. I love them shiny or muted. I just love the way highlighters can give the skin an extra shot of pretty. Shiseido High Beam White is probably considered a classic by now. It's the most subtle of its kind, as understated than Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight,  but a bit easier to catch in a photo because Shiseido is pearly white. I swatched heavily using the scratchy little brush that came in the compact. Normal application (a small  Yachiyo or Laura Mercier fan brush are far more suitable, as is Chikuhodo Z2) will not look as white and will add just a little bit of light where you need it.

Donating my face to science I once tried using Shiseido High Beam White as an allover finishing powder. Don't try this at home. As finely milled as Shiseido makes this product it is not a substitute for Guerlain Meteorites. The effect was like using Rouge Bunny Rouge Sea Of Unicorns or whatever they call their liquid highlighters (which I love. They're beyond beautiful) on your entire face over foundation. Not a good look for an adult woman.

In any case, Shiseido High Beam White Luminizing Satin Face Color is an excellent highlighter. If you're very warm-toned maybe it will be too white (Shiseido also makes a pale gold version that's too yellow for my green undertones), so do test at the counter before you decide.

Bottom Line: there's a reason why Shiseido makeup is so revered.

Shiseido High Beam White Luminizing Satin Face Color ($30) is available at the counters, Sephora and It's part of the blush range.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Shiseido Nocturne RD607 Lacquer Rouge

Here's something quick and bright for a gloomy Monday: Shiseido  Lacquer Rouge in Nocturne RD607. You already know that I love these liquid lipsticks from Shiseido-- their rich and opaque formula is as intense as it is comfortable to wear.

Nocturne RD607, a deep velvety red with a hint of burgundy is the latest shade to join its siblings in my lipstick drawer. As the name implies, this is a night out color. It registers very red when I wear it and doesn't seem to be affected by my natural dark rose lip color. I find that this level of intensity requires a very precise application and a defined lip contour, unless I use very little product and apply the lip lacquer as a stain or mix it with a balm. Thus, Shiseido Nocturne is actually quite versatile. It's also long lasting-- pretty much like a regular lip stain, though the lacquered finish needs touch ups throughout the day.

In more Shiseido Lacquer Rouge news, the previously Asia-exclusive shades are now available in the US, including from Sephora. Click here to see my photos and review of RS312 Sunstone.

Bottom Line: Nice to have.

Shiseido Nocturne RD607 Lacquer Rouge ($25) is available at the counters, Sephora, and from

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick Salon RD305

*Apologies for the smooshed lipstick in the photos. I dropped it on the floor the second I removed the cap for taking the pictures*

Shiseido Perfect Rouge formula is still among of my most favorite for lipsticks. I've gone through quite a few of them and I always find a new shade to love. Perfect Rouge RD305 (Salon) isn't new but I was still happy to add it to my arsenal of wearable red lipsticks. It's a medium intensity burgundy, more red than pink; it can be built into a dramatic effect just as it's perfect blotted down to a stain or sheered with a brush.

Shiseido's formula is rich in hyaluronic acid and feels as good on the lips as it looks. There's no feathering and flaking, and the color doesn't sink into the scar on my lower lip. The finish of this Perfect Rouge lipstick is satin-like, not glossy but not matte, either. It lasts longer than Shiseido's corresponding Sheer formula (about 4 hours, longer if you layer with a brush). There's no detectable scent and only a very faint taste.

Bottom Line: Beautiful.

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick Salon RD305 ($25) is available at the counters and from