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Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Manolo Blahnik!

Happy Birthday, Maestro, from the bottom of my heart and sole!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Barbara Bui- Another Lost Perfume

Barbara Bui Le Parfum is another victim of the Fragrance Grim Reaper, the mysterious Power-That-Be who discontinues lovely and interesting scents . This one didn't fall victim to the oakmoss curse (there isn't any of that in the juice), but probably to some bad (or non-existent) marketing. As a side note, while it's definitely discontinued here, in the US, it still appears on the designer's (terrible, flash-ridden) web site, so it might be available overseas.

The scent itself is as pleasant as Bui's fashion designs. It's pretty, sits well on the skin and has a certain quiet elegance. A warm incense perfume, with quite a bit of heliotrope in its heart, and a lot of soft, dry, ambery wood in the base. It's a bit powdery and I'd label it as a mostly feminine scent, but I'm pretty sure that an incense-loving man might wear it just as nicely. It might actually be sexier on a man.

On my skin it's very clean and proper. The minimal sillage contributes to the reserved and collected feel of it. It refuses to last long, unless I make sure to drench myself in jojoba oil before applying, but when I do, it gives me about four hours of its presence.

Both images are from the designer's website. The outfit is part of the Spring 2008 collection. I see a visit to her NYC boutique in my future.