Thursday, April 05, 2007

Frosting- Aquolina Chocolovers

My collection of favorite fragrances includes a few perfumes that are on the gourmand side of things. I love Mazzolari Lei, with its cocoa note, Lea Extreme's vanilla drydown and the rosewater dessert-like aspect of Le Maroc. But none of these really smells like food, and that's how I like it to be. I'm not a cake, therefore no need to feel frosted.

Aquolina Chocolovers Souffle body cream is overwhelmingly foody. It smells so edible that I'd strongly suggest to keep it out of children's reach, because otherwise they'd be tempted to stick their fingers into this tub and lick. Some adults might also feel the urge.

I was expecting to smell chocolate, but the first whiff was all about citrus. Sweet lemon and sweet orange, very candied. The chocolate came next, but was more subtle, like milk chocolate. I'm not sure that it's really satisfying for dark chocolate lovers, and the whole thing smelled more like store-bought frosting than as a rich chocolate souffle.

The drydown is musky, very similar to Lea's. I even tried layering them, and it worked reasonably well. It's just what comes before the musk that I find disturbing and too sugary.

The cream's quality exceeded my expectations. It's moisturizing and feels very pleasant on the skin. No greasiness, while doing a fairly good job providing comfort to dry winter skin.

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