Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Cure for the Mondayness

Technically, today is Tuesday. But since it's the first workday after a long holiday weekend, it definitely feels like Monday. Here's a little thing that brightens any summer day:
Lancome's Tropique collection has many winner items, but nothing is easier and happier than a lip gloss. Juicy Tubes gloss in Berry Luster is pretty, it smells good (Juicy Tubes have come a long way since the original ones, both in smell and in texture) and it shines. The texture isn't too sticky, and the color is universally flattering. It's called "berry" but it's not dark or too purplish. More dark mauve-pink, but it has more shine than pigment, so the result doesn't appear painted. I find myself reaching for this feel-good tube quite often.


  1. Non-sticky is good :). Sticky lipglosses irk me.

  2. I'm so glad that they've changed the texture of their Juicy Tubes. I hated the old stickiness! I'm wearing a Juicy Tube Tropiques today - Peach Sparkle.


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