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Making lists of favorite things is a lot of fun. Everyone seems to like these perfume lists: Best Of, Favorites by Note, Favorites by Occasion, and other random topics . This page aggregates my perfume lists from over the years for your convenience. Please feel free to suggest more.

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Photo: Mary Pickford by Hartsook , 1918


  1. Fantastic Lists - could you consider doing a top 10 list of more affordable perfumes that are nice-yet-quality? I love reading your lists but feel unable to participate as my wallet permits. We don't always have testers in my country, and hunting for mail order samples can be exhausting and expensive. I often have to buy blind so appreciate your advice of what to hone in on please.

    1. I'll think about a list of affordable perfumes, but honestly, it's a hard one. Especially since here in the US there is a good selection of online discounters that sell perfumes at reasonable prices, but the same exact bottles are only available at full retail price in Europe and elsewhere. So I doubt that if I say that Balmain Ambre Gris (less than $40 on parfum1) is a great find when retail price elsewhere is around $135.

  2. Love these lists! Would love to read your list of office-appropriate perfumes - scents that are reasonably mild-mannered but definitely not booooooooriiing.

  3. What about the old bodyshop original vanilla oil perfume, that was simply the best, and one third of the price of these perfumes!

  4. Great list. Gaia very true about the idea of creating affordable list. In France, the land of perfume prices are much higher then what we pay here in the USA. sure it has to do with labor laws but still. in any case love your site.

  5. Hello,

    Are you planning in the future to make a list of natural perfumes? Some I've test are really amazing and are nothing compare to the simple juice you actually find in organic shop everywhere.

  6. Love your the list Gaia! can you post a list of natural perfumes?

    I'm looking for an experts opinion who is an industry outsider feedback on my idea. Trying to figure out a new method to help people find the fragrance thats right for them.

    The landing page is here :

    Could i get your thoughts/feelings on this?

  7. Samsara... tried it... and it fits me as I am now. It's not overwhelming... it's different. I don't want to draw attention... but, I want to leave a memory. Samsara plays with scent and I love catching a whiff of it as I wear it. I can't wait to put it on after I shower. I've finally found a scent that describes me.


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