Saturday, June 30, 2007

Givenchy Pop Gloss

A couple of months ago I was very happy to find a full range of Givenchy makeup at my favorite Sephora, the one on Union Square. I'm all about DIY and prefer to avoid the department stores sale assistants.

(Insert a petition to bring Chanel back to Sephora)

I'm fond of Givenchy and love their choice of spokesperson. Liv Tyler can sell me anything and everything. Except of some of those Givenchy scents.

I first looked at the eye shadows. The quartets are pretty but too light for me. The singles offer more drama and pigments and I'll have to give them more attention very soon. My favorites of the collection are the lip colors. There's a lot to choose from and the colors are fabulous.

Pop Gloss is a shiny, creamy product. No shimmer or glitter, just glossy color that goes on smoothly and has a lot of pigment, almost like a liquid lipstick. It isn't sticky and lasts for several (food-less) hours, keeping the lips comfortable and well-moisturized. After the shine fades there's still enough color left on the lips without flaking. I have one complaint about this gloss: I don't like its scent. It's some unidentified synthetic fruity concoction. Thankfully, it disappears quickly, so it's not a real issue. But a product as good as this deserves better.

My color of choice was Violine Vitamine, which lives to the promise of being a vibrant plum. It's flattering and brings out my natural color. The pale lipped/skinned amongst you would probably find it a bit too much (try Flashy Fuchsia or Exciting Coral, instead. I'll wear those colors in my next life), but the rest of us can wear it well into the fall.

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