Friday, November 16, 2007

Thank me later: An amazing Serge Lutens promotional at Bergdorf Goodman

Before I start catching up (I'm so behind it's not even funny, both on other people's blogs and on my own), I have something great to share. If you follow the Serge Lutens news, you probably already know that two bell jars of Serge Lutens scents from the exclusive line (non-export, previously only available from Les Salons du Palais Royal in Paris) have appeared at Bergdorf. The perfumes are Bois et Fruits and Un Bois S├ępia. What you may not know is that they also have the best introductory promotional: If you buy one of these two (also in the regular 1.69 oz rectangular bottle), they will decant for you any other Serge of your choice (including the second exclusive Bois) into a 20 ml spray bottle. Serge fans know just how rare a deal this is, so if you're within a day trip distance from NYC, you may want to take advantage of the offer (not available online, but you can order by phone and inquire about it).

As for the rumour claiming the entire exclusive line is about to be available at Bergdorf, there's no confirmation. Right now, only these two will be sold in the US, but the (friendly, gracious and knowledgeable) SA believes that if Serge Lutens ever decides to export the bell jars, it would be to Bergdorf, because this is the first time ever any of the line is being sold outside of the Salons.

(image from Salons-Shiseido web site)


  1. Welcome back Gaia!

    Yet another reason for me to dislike Atlanta...not only are we about to run out of water, but we have no Bergdorfs!

  2. Thanks, P! You'll just have to come up north for a serious sniffing and shopping trip. Between the Serges, the Guerlain counter and JAR, Bergdorf is heaven on Earth. And let's not forget the Malles at Barneys.

  3. Next time I get to NYC (crosses fingers hopefully in the spring) a bunch of us are going to have to storm Bergdorfs en masse. And Barneys and Saks and Bonwits and...

    And I ain't telling anyone in Connecticut I am coming!

  4. Tom- I sure hope we can do that! Bergdorf would never be the same after this invasion.


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