Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Smoky Alternative: Nars Paris Eyeshadow Duo

After the disappointment of Chanel Smoky Eye Quad (too much shimmer, too little pigment), I was on a mission to find a reasonable alternative. I wanted a silver/gray set (I already have a couple of black shadows, and white is a complete waste on my skin) with minimum shimmer, and Paris, the duo from Nars fit the bill.

As you can see, the colors (especially the silver) are on the cool side. The shimmer in the silver one is minimal and it's a bit darker than most highlighters. I use it with a very light hand, to avoid the Heigl effect. The gray works well as an eye liner and looks good on the lid. It requires quite a bit of blending, and I like to add a bit of taupe (Bobbi Brown Flint) for a smoother, less harsh look. And I can't stress the light hand thing enough. Seriously. Remember the Heigl.

Photos (and freaky looking wrists): mine

And just because she matches the color scheme, Giselle. This time napping with Gracie.

Nars Eyeshadow Duo ($32) is available online and offline. I bought mine from Sephora on Union Square.

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  1. I have a NARS shadow called Bombshell that is a silver. I put it on my lid with my finger to get the "wash" effect, which is very subtle. I like the set you've shown (and love the name) so will take a look next time I'm at one of the stores I really need to stay away from and quit spending at and enough said!


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