Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Nars Brightening Serum- There's Something About It

Last time we discussed brightening I was so impressed with Shiseido White Lucent cream, I decided to buy the matching serum. Somehow I got sidetracked and purchased something else instead- Nars Brightening Serum. In my defence, the Nars serum has been on my must try list for a couple of years, so it's not completely a case of product ADD. I had to cross it off my list, right?

Unlike many treatment serums, Nars Brightening Serum isn't a before-bed product. It's actually a multitasker which is part of one's makeup routine as well as a step in your skin care regimen. While it does suppose to do some magic to whiten, brighten and even out the complexion, it also has its own opalescent-iridescence thing going on that supports foundations and gives the skin a certain glow.

That glow made me a bit iffy about this product at first. The serum's moisturizing properties aren't enough for me to skip my regular face cream which is as essential to my morning routine as that first cup of tea. They both make me look and feel alive. Adding the opalish serum felt like a bit of an overkill and I wasn't too sure about having anything iridescent on my face. Add to that the regular adjusting hassle of a few clogged pores in the first couple of days and you get a product that wasn't likely to make it to my "best of" list this year.

The key word here is "adjusting". I found that the heaviness becomes bearable quickly, especially once I apply foundation (I also like to mix a drop of each in my palm and apply together for an even lighter coverage). It doesn't actually make the face into an opalescent mask though there is some subsurface subtle glow.

I can't say the promise to improve appearance after one use is serious, but then again, I'm extremely diligent (read: obsessive) about my skin care routine, so the only overnight improvement would have been if I were to wake up and find my face has turned into Sophia Loren circa 1959. What I can say is that after about a couple of months of nearly daily use, one of the sun spots on my left cheek has become a tiny, pale dot. Of course, I've been seruming myself out for two years now and I also keep using the Shiseido whitening cream at night, so it's not a scientific proof for anything except for the fact that good skin care makes a difference. But I'd guess Nars Brightening Serum has something to do with it.

Nars Brightening Serum ($61 for 2.5 oz) is available from the company's web site, several department stores and Sephora, which is where I bought mine.

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