Monday, October 03, 2011

Le Labo City Exclusive- Coming Soon!

This is the best news for Le Labo fans who've been bending over backwards to sample and acquire the city exclusive perfumes (Vanille 44, Aldehyde 44, Musc 25 and others). The nice people of Le Labo will make them available for all during November, and as a preparation for that, they have 1.5 ml samples so we can all have a taste (and promptly get hooked). From the Le Labo newsletter:
Due to overwhelming demand and for this November only, you'll be able to purchase any of our seven City Exclusive scents through our website and stores.

In order for you to be ready for D-Day, we are currently preparing a limited number of 1.5 ml sprays in our labs for you to actually wear our City Exclusive perfumes on your skin before committing.
These sample sizes are available on our three e-stores starting today and for a limited time only.
I'll do my best to review most of them before November.

Photo: Le Labo


  1. My biggest disappointment is that Dubai Cuir is not included in this. I have been waiting SO LONG to get some, and now, it's not going to happen. I wonder why they've excluded it?

  2. Also available on Lucky Scentnt website.

  3. Interesting. Le Labo have hit on a truly unique marketing scheme: Make their standard line of fragrances overpriced and terrible, but also have an exclusive, difficult-to-obtain line of fragrances that are very good but even more overpriced. I would like to get some samples, but they're $10 for 1.5ml (yiiiiikes). Too bad that Tubereuse 40 is so pricey, because it's one of the best citrus scents I've ever smelled.


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