Tuesday, January 29, 2013

NARS The Happening Eye & Cheek Palette- A Quick Look

This is just the quickest sneak peek at the new NARS palette, The Happening. I'll post swatches and a full review in a couple of days. Yes, that's Orgasm blush on the left; and, no, I still don't like it, but the rest of this NARS palette looks and feels pretty awesome. Just give me a few more days to wear it and form an opinion.

NARS The Happening Eye & Cheek Palette is available right now from Nordstrom.


  1. I would just once like a palette that doesn't have Orgasm in it. I'm hoping the other palette - The God Created the Woman - might be interesting, especially since it doesn't have Orgasm! lol

  2. Agreed with Evelyn, I am so over the Orgasm/Laguna combo in every palette. I really want the "And God Created Woman" palette.

  3. ohh, I would love to have a palette like this, but that blush is not for me.


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