Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal

Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal, or in its full name "Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal Eye & Face" has been sitting atop my testing tray for months now as I've been trying to figure it out. I finally have a verdict of sort, after using this concealer on every area of my face and various body parts as well.

Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal is obviously a heavy duty product, one that's meant for camouflaging serious blemishes and discolorations. It requires a teeny tiny drop to cover wide areas, and you have to work it into a thinner paste as it's very very stretchy. In that regard, application is similar to classics like Dermablend and Kevyn Aucoin SSE (that latter is my holiest of grails in this category. SX 10 is an almost perfect match for me). The first problem with Miracle skin Transformer is that it's drier, so unlike the vehement claims in the press release and on  retailers websites, applying it on the eye area is a big NO. Also, if you've treating your skin for blemishes or using various chemical exfoliators to get rid of unsightlies, the concealer will enhance every flake and line in that area.

The other issue is color. Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal comes in four shades (don't ask me why Ulta only stocks one)-- again compare to the broad selection of Kevyn Aucoin or Dermablend. I received the one in Medium, and you can see what a bad fit it is for me. I don't blame (much) the product. My skin tone is notoriously baffling and impossible, with the expected depth of a Mediterranean pigment but at its palest form and with both ashy green and reddish undertones, and nary a hint of yellow. It's a color-specialist's nightmare, but "medium" colors are usually closer to the ballpark than what you see above.

I've given up on using the concealer anywhere on my face for reasons of dryness and bad color match, but as a cat owner I usually have various marks and scratches on my body (Marigold is notorious for climbing us like a tree). what I'v found is that by working a tiny drop between your fingers until it's warm and completely pliable, and patting it on a scratch, a puncture hole or a scab, it gives me a good and long-lasting coverage. That has to amount for something.

Bottom Line: far from perfect.

Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal ($34) is available from Ulta and Dermstore. The product for this review was sent by PR.

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