Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Feline Update




I have the attention span of a kitten these days.

Even if I tell myself I'm only going to do ingredient research or gather price information for an upcoming post, within minutes I'm googling capybaras as pets. Because obviously we need more pets around here. But mostly I'm focusing on how much formula and canned kitten food goes into each one of the little ones (a lot), how quickly they're developing new skills (every day), and how amazing they are (very).

We haven't had any success with their mother, which is going to be a problem since she has started working on her next batch of babies. And relocated to our back yard, bringing with her every virile male cat in the neighborhood. We've been playing phone tag with the local cat rescue group, but we need them to get here as soon as yesterday, as our house in full capacity.

Our older cats don't seem to mind any of this. They watch the indecent cat action that's going on outside with minor interest (they prefer squirrel porn), and are only mildly curious about the new kittens. Most of them have been through this several  times before. We're started careful introductions today. Josephine is determined to make new friends, Cedric seems to greatly approve, while Marigold and Gemma are ready to recruit them into their squad. Philip ran for his life. Bob took a nap.

Normal service will resume soon.


  1. You have 6 cats and you've brought in 3 new kittens? OMG!

  2. I have a soft spot for cats with pink noses so I'm in love with Gloria and Lilian, but they are all sooooo beautiful! Lucky you! We always have a wonderful time having kittens around in our garden and although we have no cats of our own, we take care of many of them - depending on the season. Fingers crossed their mother finds a good home...

  3. Thanks for the kitten update! Ever since you posted images of those adorable faces last week, I've been wondering who they are, where they came from, what you're doing with them. So interesting to hear their story. You and your husband are incredibly kind to provide a wonderful home for so many cats (and kits). How lucky they are to have you as their humans!

  4. These posts are making my day, the hubby and I love seeing the updates and hearing new stories! I'm so glad the senior members of your gang seem to be ok with them and that you've taken them in. I do hope mom gets caught soon, but she seems a wily little bugger, doesn't she??

  5. Absolutely precious! They are all so beautiful and individual. George looks like he could be a little mischeivious!

  6. Adorables! your new kitties, the older ones and your posts
    thank you

  7. Like Elizabeth, these posts absolutely make my day. What joy to have those perfect little fur babies! I doubt I'd be able to do anything else at all except devote myself to them. In another inc. I'm sure I must have worshiped Bastet (especially since she was also the goddess of perfume).
    Bob's reaction made me laugh out loud.

  8. A house full of kittens, could there be anything better?

  9. The kitties are so adorable! Too bad my son is allergic to them, and with asthma... we love our guinea pigs and dwarf hamsters, to which he is inexplicably not allergic.


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