Thursday, October 20, 2016

Currently- October 2016

October is mostly over and I'm surrounded by notebooks and planners, trying to figure things out for the future of this blog. I mentioned something about it in my pre-vacation note, and the responses were incredible and overwhelming in the best possible way. I'm going to write a full reply post to address it all and make heads, tails, and everything in between. In the meantime, here's where I a currently.

Crosstalk by Connie Willis. I've only started, but it has a similar feel to Bellwether, which I love dearly. Maybe I should reread Doomsday Book this coming Christmas.

Heather Woods Broaderick- Up in the Pine

Tired of current TV, current events, and current people, the Husband and I have resorted to comfort watching: Star Trek TNG. Years ago I've said that I'd watch Patrick Stewart recite the NY phone book. The first couple of seasons are pretty much that, but eventually the writing and some of the actors (Brent Spiner!) catch up. Yes, the whole thing is dated, ethnocentric, and at times quaint, but Sir Patrick makes everything better. And have you forgotten that Data is a cat person?

I've been alternating a lot between Goutal Gardenia Passion (vintage) and Parfumerie Generale Indian Wood. The latter makes more sense, but I'm finding a lot of enjoyment marinating myself in gardenia.

I've been experimenting a lot, including with colors so far out of my comfort zone they could be from Mars (the reddish coppery eye shadows probably are). Do you know what's funny? I've come across many people who are much more adventurous with their hair than with their makeup. They always say "it's just hair, it grows", but  are reluctant to try a blue eyeliner or a purple blush. For me, the worst makeup day can be wiped cleaned right away, but my hair is a huge part of my identity. Don't come near it with color or scissors if you know what's good for you.

Frequently Worn Item/Outfit
Remember the booties I wished for two months ago? They were the best purchase ever.

Brie. Ripe, soft brie on toast, on apple slices, or just in chunks, like chocolate.

Handbags & Kitten Heels: How Not to Write About Prime Ministers. Or Presidents.

So many antiques and interesting art pieces, so little floor and wall space.

Georgie has become a wonderful and cuddly bedmate. He reports for sleeping duty as soon as he sees us turning off the lights and plops in the middle of the bed in all his cuteness.

As long as my birthday is still something to anticipate, it's all good.


This Akris Punto Long Sleeve Polka Dot Trompe L'Oeil Dress ($995). There's also a set of a cardigan with the polka dots in the back($795) and a matching tank ($395) that might be much more practical. When do they go on clearance?

Random Thought
I wish Project Runway would replace Mary Kay with Colourpop or another edgy indie brand. I can't with the tackiness of the makeup lately.

How are you? What's on your list of loves and banes? Any wishes and recommendations?

Art: Kawano Kauro, Girl with Red Mask, c. 1950.


  1. oh, hey, a fellow Trekkie! always fun if someone outs themselves! TNG totally is my kind of comfort viewing, too. And: Sir Patrick. I just can't believe I'll be heading to London in December to see him live on stage.
    Looking forward to those upcoming osts you hinted at! Always love to read your blog!

  2. OOOh, AG's Gardenia Passion. Sadly, I think it has been discontinued as I can no longer find it for sale. Annick Goutal scents in general have just about disappeared.

  3. Georgieeee!!! Can't help it, he's my favourite and reminds me of my late Rudy, who was very cuddly, too. <3

    Petersburg by Andrei Bely (for the nth time)

    An old fave - When All's Well by Everything But the Girl

    October has been quite a L'Artisan Parfumeur month: Bois Farine, Dzing!, Dzongkha, Mûre et Musc (+ Extrême), Piment Brûlant, Voleur de Roses...

    Got a new lipstick - MAC Heroine. I thought it was such a brave purchase but it turned out to be a trip down memory lane, since the shade reminds me very much of a purple Nouba lipgloss I wore as a teenager. So my taste hasn't changed that much, after all. ;)

    Pasta and cheese (it's getting dark here up North)

  4. I watched Star Trek TNG all throughout high school and college and I can't believe I've never rewatched any of it since then. I once bought a recording of Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf because Patrick Stewart did the narration. I loved watching him and Ian McKellen act together in the X-Men movies because I like both of their Shakespearean actor voices. I am pretty fluid with my appearance and can only speak for myself about this. I have had hair all different lengths and cuts from below my waist and to a pixi cut. I have mid-length hair now and it suits me. I would feel stuck in a rut if I kept my hair one way and never tried anything new...think Queen Elizabeth II with the same hair style since the 50's. For me personally I hated the feeling of very long hair. It felt like it was literally dragging me down and was shapeless. I will try any makeup. I basically just stick to if I do a bold lip say I won't also do bold cheeks and eyes because I wind up looking try hard or like I'm trying out for Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  5. Bellwether is my favorite! (Loved To Say Nothing of the Dog, too.) Crosstalk, in my opinion, isn't quite as good, but when it gets going it has that Connie Willis feel and that's really great about it.

  6. I'm guessing the Acne Jensen booties are more comfortable than they look, with that point toe. I've been eying them, but haven't splurged yet.

  7. I love that dress!

    I love your book recommendations -- going to try a sample of Crosstalk. I tried listening to To Say Nothing of The Dog on audiobook, and quite liked it, a couple of years ago, but I don't think audiobook was the best way to experience it on first go-round, as I never finished it :-( Will have to try actually reading it, I think!

  8. Book: I tried Catherine Coulter's The End Game and couldn't get through it. It is one of the most poorly written books I'v read in ages. The old school marm in me was constantly cringing at the atrocious grammar and incorrectly used vocabulary. Terrible!

    Music: My son has been in composing mode lately and so I've been "listening critically" to a lot of his stuff. In addition to that, I've been listening to some of my favorite cantatas.

    TV: The Blacklist is back and for silliness, there is Lucifer :-)

    Perfume: Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme

    Makeup: Neutral with a subtle glow--La Mer The Soft Fluid (love!) set with Guerlain Voyage Météorites , Tom Ford Spin Spin Sugar to highlight, very light application of Chanel's JC in Crescendo, Guerlain Tonka Impériale on the eyes and Dior Rose Baiser on the lips.

    Frequently worn: The past week our weather has bounced back and forth between the low 70's and the mid 90's. It's been crazy and so layering has been the way to go.

    Food: Mush! Not really, but it seems that way. My dear husband is in the process of having major dental work done and can only eat very soft foods right now.

    Bane: Nada

    Joy: Decorating for Halloween.

    Anticipation: Our Halloween party this weekend.

    Wishlist: I hope everyone, young and old, will have a fun night of trick-or-treating.

    Random Thought: The Russian hacks and Russia's overt attempts to influence our election is outrageous and without precedent.


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