Thursday, November 19, 2009

Laura Geller Eye Rimz (Potion)

Sephora calls Laura Geller's Eye Rimz a baked eye shadow. The label on the actual box says "baked wet/dry eye accents", which is much more accurate. Using Eye Rimz as a plain dry shadow is a bit frustrating. The pigment is very dark and takes too much work to blend, there's a lot of fallout and the color itself (at least of Potion, the dark purple) was far less pretty than in the compact. But wetting the brush and using it as an eyeliner was a different experience. It goes on smoothly, creating a flawless line with a pearly finish that brings out the best of the color.

Used dry, Potion Eye Rimz was more of an inky violet. Wet application brings out the rich purple hues (cool tones). Lasting power is very good, but it flakes a little when used dry and I had to do several clean ups to keep my face from turning purple, so I can't recommend it as a dry shadow.

Bottom line: Only if you're looking for a purple cake eyeliner.

Laura Geller Eye Rimz ($26) is available from Sephora and I ordered it from the latter.

All photos are mine.

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  1. I had the same experience with Mac's Young Punk (black with lots of purple sparkle) which is similar to the Geller product. Dry application was very messy and frustrating, whereas applied wet as a liner, it went on like a dream and was a beautiful, deep royal purple. Although called an eyeshadow, to get the best color payoff, it needed to be applied wet. But, since I'm not a "young punk" and don't need a purple eyeliner, I gave it to my niece who adores it :-)


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