Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Moving Chronicles- Part 3

Three nights and two days until moving...

One of you asked about moving the cats, which is, indeed, the biggest issue. The last time we moved we "only" had five cats, but the move itself was a lot more serious and included three nights at a hotel. Yes, with the cats. Fun times. We hope for minimal drama, but still, it's not going to be smooth, considering a couple of the creatures are prone to freakouts. We're going to start with the two most problematic ones early in the morning, get them into their carriers and quickly to the cars. A two minute drive straight into the garage in the new house, close its door and open the access to the basement (where the cats will stay until the movers are done).
Got Xanax?

I packed the perfume collection yesterday. It took forever and enough bubble wrap to cover a village. Kept a few items out for wearing and reviewing, but that's all. Today was harder. I tackled the bedroom and the bathroom while my fearless husband dealt with the kitchen, including the worst of the drawers and cabinets known as "bane of our existence" and "pit of despair". I packed away almost all the cosmetics and personal care items. Last week I said I have enough stuff for a mini-Sephora. I was wrong. It's enough for the biggest store they have. And then some. I wasn't really horrified, because at least I didn't have any "what's that and why do I own it?" moments, but the process was still daunting. My bathroom is now amazingly bare. Only a handful of bottles and jars are left. Is that how normal people live?

Thinking of unpacking and organizing is just as overwhelming, but new cabinets and dressers were purchased, including some very neat storage solutions. Alex cabinets from Ikea. Only moderately ugly, but they have these shallow drawers that are perfect for cosmetics, I'm actually almost excited about putting everything away and having a place for everything. Maybe I'll manage to organize my lipsticks by color!

The perfumes are packed in sturdy plastic bins, small enough that we can fit in our cars and move them ourselves (though probably too heavy for me to carry alone). A couple of bottles will go in my purse, so I can keep a close eye on them. Hopefully, I did a good enough job to avoid any damage. The two new perfume cabinets are waiting in the new house. Hopefully they are large enough.

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  1. I can't even imagine! Just catching one of my cats would be worse than packing the makeup, which is poorly organized.

    I have had a, "When did I buy that moment?" So, you are clearly more organized. Of course, those recognition failures are like shopping all over again!

    My fear-cat was a rescue cat, and she has never learned to totally trust ANYONE, including the hand that feeds her. Now that she's pushing nine years old, I'm sure she's a fear-cat for life.

    Good Luck!! Just think how nice it will be when the move is behind you.


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