Tuesday, September 02, 2014

10 Best Perfumes You're Not Wearing- Part IV

It's been a while since we played the game known "10 Best Perfumes You're Not Wearing". I love digging in my collection and various lists I keep and look for perfumes that are semi-forgotten, never got the hype they deserve, or fragrances from well-established houses that are often overlooked in favor of more popular ones from the same line.

Monyette Paris by Monyette Paris. Back in 2006 this one was all the rage. I admit that I've neglected my bottle for a long time, only to rediscover it this summer.  Tropical white flowers over a slightly woody vanilla base, and rumors of incense.

Montale- Chypre Vanille. Montale is famous (or infamous, depending whom you're asking) for their tenacious synthetic oud perfumes. I like very few of those ones, but have found that their various orientals, ambers, and vanilla perfumes to be utterly delightful. I'm not sure what exactly makes it a chypre, but there is a nostalgic vibe here which I adore.

Serge Lutens- Vitriol d’Oeillet. Several of Uncle Serge perfumes from the last five years or so weren't received very enthusiastically, only to gain redemption over time. This weird spicy floral deserves a second a third, and a fourth chance until one falls in love.

Neil Morris- Gotham. Yes, I know that Neil Morris' line can be somewhat overwhelming (not to mention hard to find other than online, and the website is kind of a nightmare), but Gotham is a beautiful animalic leather, perhaps a bit masculine, and utterly sexy.

MonSillage- Aviation Club. Speaking of tiny brands and limited availability. Perfumer Isabelle Michaud from Montreal has created a sexy leather, coffee, and tobacco perfume that speaks to modernists and vintage fiends who long for the days air travel was glamorous.

Donna Karan Fuel For Men. A previous list included DK's re-release of Chaos, which for some reason seems to allude many people who would no doubt love it had they only knew it existed at their local Neiman Marcus. The same goes for the new version of the original Donna Karan For Men, an herbal-amber-sandalwood blend.

Parfumerie Generale- Aomassai. Another one that was the talk of the town back in 2006 and somewhat forgotten. Pierre Guillaume makes gourmand perfumes that give Uncle Serge a serious run for his money. Aomassai is thick, sweet, woody, grassy, nutty--- some are repulsed, others are addicted.

Ava Luxe- Kama. The EDP is one of the naughtiest musk perfumes in existence, the oil is sweeter and more mellow. Get both.

House Of Cherry Bomb- Tuberose-Tobacco-Cognac. This collaboration between perfumers Maria McElroy (of Aroma M) and Alexis Karl (of Scent by Alexis) is pretty much what it says, with an added sexy edge of real animalics. Available at the Brooklyn Atelier and online through Etsy.

Houbigant- Aperçu. From the cheap thrills in the discontinued bins. It's hard to believe this creature was released in the year 2000 as it's such a vintage-like chypre. Can still be found online for under $40 and worth hoarding.


  1. Apercu is one of my favorite chypres, and I am indeed hoarding it!

    Monyette Paris has been on my must-try list for ages; I don't ever see it in stores so I will have to venture online. From the list of notes, it seems like exactly the sort of thing I would love.

  2. I drained my sample of Aomassai earlier this week!

  3. I love these lists! Adding to my list of perfumes to try!


  4. Great list! It seems like another lifetime since I've worn Monyette or AL Kama. Need to go on scent rescue missions in the less visited parts of my perfume closet more often to find forgotten loves. And can't believe that I actually almost completely forgot about Gotham. Yikes! Adore it. I'm a big fan of many Neil Morris scents, but he put out so very many that, frankly, I felt like I got winded just trying to keep up with all of the releases, especially when just in general in the perfume universe there are so many constant new releases. Ended up sort of looking the other way and forgetting about him since I didn't want to feel compelled to try everything...I know, a mistake.

  5. There is nothing like Monyette Paris. Great on it's own, or added to punch up a white floral scent. I'm serious, is there anything else like this?

  6. The whole Donna Karan line is underrated! No one ever mentions DK Signature and it's so fab. Another hidden gem from Montale is Boise Vanille -- the name makes no sense, it's not a big vanilla but rather a masculine lavender fragrance, similar to Le Troisiemme Homme.

  7. You inspired me to dig through my sample box to find my Monyette sample. I had never really noticed the incense note in it before, I had remembered it as sort of an uninteresting gardenia...but this time around it seems deeper, more complex. Really enjoying wearing this scent, thank you inspiring me to give it a second chance...might have to spring for a larger size!

  8. Also I'm not a huge fan of perfume oils- have you tried the eau de parfum spray? How do you think it compares?

  9. Good list and a good idea :) I'm a Neil Morris and Serge Lutens fan (though you have to be in the mood for the rich textures).

  10. I like your list and know and love and own some of the scents mentioned there - for example Mechant Loup, Marron Chic, Chypre d'Orient or Visa... One Scent that I miss is 1270 by Frapin.


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