Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shu Uemura Brave Beauty Eye Palette- Green

I was worried I got the pink palette by mistake, but this is actually the artwork on the green one

It's been a while since I last bought Shu Uemura eye shadows. Too many changes in formula and concept, too many questionable textures; it made me kind of iffy on one of my former favorite brands. But the new Brave Beauty eye palettes for fall 2014 looked too tempting to ignore, so I picked the green one(there's also a pink version).

Both Shu Uemura Brave palettes include six eye shadows. The green one features eye shadows numbered GR1-GR6, placed from left to right.
GR1 - matte sea green. Perhaps the reason I had to have the palette.
GR2 - metallic brassy khaki. I'm pretty sure I have a couple of similar colors.
GR3- metallic but delicate golden khaki
GR4- a very shiny off-white. Probably the weakest link in this palette. They should have gone with a matte.
GR5- a stunning satin kelly green with chartreuse leanings.
GR6- satin forest green.

All the eye shadows in this Shu Uemura palette are wonderfully soft. The differences are in the finish and blendability. As a rule, all of them benefit from patting with a lay-down brush (Hakuhodo G5523) and very careful blending, otherwise they become too sheer and/or muddy. GR4, the pearly off-white is completely unnecessary. But the other five are stars in their own right. GR2 and GR3 are excellent everyday colors, while the other three provide a colorful accent, rich in pigment and fun.

Bottom Line: worth it.

Shu Uemura Brave Beauty Eye Palette- Green ($65) is available from shuuemura-usa.com, and at the counters if you live outside the US.


  1. So pretty! Gr5 is really a stunner...

  2. Holding out for Uncle Karl's Shupette line. I follow Choupette on Twitter (yes, I did just type that) and have seen more promo photos of the makeup. Hope we're getting it here in the US. Now as for Choupette's new fashion line, I'm not impressed yet.


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