Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cat Of The Day: Bob

Bob was striking a regal pose just a few minutes ago, before deciding that my lap is far more comfortable. Right now I'm trying to balance a huge golden cat and a laptop (the computer is losing). One of the sweetest things about Bob is that he actually gives kisses, not just headbutts. And even though he's clearly a momma's boy, he's incredibly friendly and loving with just about anyone who comes in and pays attention.


  1. Oh, what a fantastic photo of Bob! I never see him without thinking what an old soul face and eyes he has. Love the way the light is shining on his hair and through his ears - such gorgeous coloration. And, no question, cats should *always* win over computers.

  2. I really enjoy your posts about your lovely cats - so special. And the photo portraits are quite special, as well. Thanks for that! Shelley

  3. What a lovely photo of Handsome Bob!

  4. I adore Bob! Love when you post photos of your cats. My two Siamese send their regards.

  5. He may be a momma's boy but he looks fierce! I very much enjoy your blog and its dream combo of cats and perfumes:)-

  6. hello, bob! i love you!

    gingers are so much fun! so unusual and loving and humorous and vocal. my peter cat is a big lover, like bob.

    thanks for sharing him!



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