Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kjaer Weis Green Depth Eye Shadow

Green is such a great color for fall. It goes well with rich warm tones and tweed jackets. Several brands are offering us new green eye shadows, but to me the most exciting one is Green Depth from Kjaer Weis, because the complexity of this sage green hue and the beautiful texture of Kjaer Weis eye shadows.

Green Depth is somewhere between the "blue" in blue cheese, sea foam, and dried sage leaves. It has gold flecks of micro-shimmer (less noticeable on my lid than on my arm) that make it go so well with a pale gold base, and rich pigmentation. What you see on my finger is the result of barely touching the surface of the eye shadow, and the real swatch shows one swipe with a Hakuhodo G5523 brush (one of my favorite eye brushes) over primer. Kjaer Weis eye shadows can be applied with a damp brush but I find it unnecessary. I get enough color as it is, and it's easier to blend dry. I make this color the focus of the makeup look with fresh highlighted skin (I'll review the new Kjaer Weis highlighter soon), a warm light lip color and lots and lots of mascara.

Bottom Line: as crisp and enticing as the first day of fall.

Kjaer Weis Green Depth Eye Shadow ($45 with the compact, $27 for the refill) will be available starting September 18th from Osswald and (link for your convenience only. Completely and totally NOT affiliated). The product in this review was sent by the company for my consideration.


  1. what a stunning shadow! i haven't tried this brand but the reviews have definitely caught my interest.

  2. Oh my Gosh... That is just stunning.

  3. love the idea of green shadow, but they almost always make my eyes look smaller and bloodshot. and my coloring is similar to yours. good luck with this one - the golden-green tones are the worst for me. i can only pull off a blue-toned green, and that's not always great.

    be well, and cheers!


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