Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Currently- March 2019

I had to change the title of this post from "January 2019" to "February 2019" and mow to "March 2019". I'm determined that's how it's going to be, the first post in this blog reboot. A "currently" post seems like the right idea. They're personal, which is where this blog's heading, it tells what I'm doing and loving (or not), and is not product-centric, which is what I aspire to do. I want to write. About beauty and perfume in the context of real life, the state of (my) world, age, and interests. It doesn't make one an influencer (I hope) or an online personality. Just someone who writes an old-fashioned beauty(ish) blog.

It's almost spring. There's still a layer of snow in my backyard but it's diminishing but the hour. I won't go into the cliche of spring, rebirth, renewal, etc., but it's never been so true for me. The last couple of months of 2018 and the start of this year were difficult. My mother-in-law passed away after two and half years of struggle with melanoma. Longer than that, actually, if you figure in the months of severe undiagnosed illness, the wait for an answer, and then the shock that comes along with a death verdict (hint: an advanced stage IV melanoma is still incurable). It's not my story to tell, so that's all I'll say about it. But you you can expect a mega-rant about the cavalier approach to sun protection by large parts of what's called the "beauty community" (another term that needs to go).

Find a sunscreen that works for you. Use it. Reapply. From now until the end of days.

Tombland by C.J. Sansom. It's the latest in his Shardlake series of Tudor-era mysteries. It's slow-paced but after years of waiting for the book to be released I'm happy taking my time and hanging out with Matthew Shardlake. It's like a reunion with an old friend.

Andrew Bird's new album, My Finest Work Yet. It might as well be. Here's the official video of Sisyphus:

Last night I binged Picnic at the Hanging Rock on Amazon Prime. I'm not sure if I truly liked it, but it was beautifully filmed, I was interested in the Australian backstory, and I love Natalie Dormer.

Parfums MDCI L'Homme aux Gants. It's like a sheer and more airy variation on the theme of Ambre Russe. It's thinner in that more contemporary way perfumery seems to be going lately with far less emphasis on a robust dry-down, but both the husband and I enjoy it very much for its smooth and cozy feel. I also love the inspiration of the Titian painting (it's even printed on the bottle).

Green. In my defense, Ive been using reen liners or eye shadows long before it was all across YouTube. I'd say that the way to go is by buying singles and not necessarily palettes. That way one can pick the right tones.

Frequently Worn Outfit/Item
It's winter. I wear black boots. I'm over it.

Very soft and cheesy polenta.

The master bathroom renovation is finally going to happen. I foresee chaos.

The master bathroom renovation is finally (FINALLY) going to happen. I foresee bliss. Once it's over.

A major pantry declutter.

Not So-Guilty Pleasure
Hot chocolate and hot cider.

I got tickets to several shows in the coming weeks and months. This weekend we're going to see Lewis Black in his The Joke's On Us tour.

A long and fulfilling spa day. I'm in a dire need of a hydra-facial, among other things.

Random Thought
When and why did Moleskin stopped offering a stick-on loop pencil holder? I'm in need of a new dotted notebook so I was looking at a sapphire blue hardcover when I realized you could no longer buy the attachment that saves my pencils from George and Bingley. WHY? If I'm picking my notebook it means I need a pencil. If I need a pencil I don't want to crawl on the floor searching for the latest one stolen by a cat. My kingdom for a loop.

How are you? What's on your list of loves and banes? Any wishes and recommendations?

Photos by Shiri Hilton. Used with her permission because she's my sister.