Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Goodbye Gaia

We are heartbroken and devastated to share that our wonderful Gaia has passed away this weekend unexpectedly, from an un-diagnosed heart condition.

This blog has been for many years her passion and a source of tremendous joy. It gave her an opportunity to share her honest opinions on anything and everything, trying to make the world a little bit more stylish, fragrant and well moisturized. You all have given her a community, long lasting friendships and if she could make even one person feel better about themselves or save them time by telling them what not to buy, it made her day.
This blog is a true mirror of her interests and passions, starting every post with an arresting visual she worked hours to find, weaving together her personal story with a teachers need to educate and motivate readers to explore. Never saying Buy This but giving her unbiased opinions and hoping readers will continue their own discovery journey into the wonderful world of vintage and indi perfumes, quality makeup and brushes, science based skin care, context and history of fashion and adopting more cats.

She started the blog after finding very few other sources for real, true, personal sources of information on beauty products and perfume beyond the commercial world of the glossies. With some of the other early bloggers, she believed people need to hear the truth not through advertisers and marketing copy. Sadly, the wold has turned in a different way with influencers and alternative facts becoming the norm and honest writing and opinions devalued. She stopped writing about 3 years ago being so dispirited from these developments but still hopeful that one day truth will make a comeback.

Thanks again readers for all your support and love, I wish that this month's Currently would have been different but hope that she is in a place with unlimited cats, all historical perfumes and unimaginable beauty.

Can't finish without reminding everyone to wear sun screen, and if you have not had a physical in a while, go get one. now.

Lastly, I found this Nick Cave song on one of her social profiles this morning. It was her favorite and unbelievably sad and apt on this occasion.
Ori, The Blond.




I don’t believe in an interventionist God
But I know, darling, that you do
But if I did I would kneel down and ask Him
Not to intervene when it came to you
Not to touch a hair on your head
To leave you as you are
And if He felt He had to direct you
Then direct you into my arms
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms
And I don’t believe in the existence of angels
But looking at you I wonder if that’s true
But if I did I would summon them together
And ask them to watch over you
To each burn a candle for you
To make bright and clear your path
And to walk, like Christ, in grace and love
And guide you into my arms
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms
But I believe in Love
And I know that you do too
And I believe in some kind of path
That we can walk down, me and you
So keep your candles burning
And make her journey bright and pure
That she will keep returning
Always and evermore
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms