About Me

There's a lot of stuff in the standard Google profile page, but I guess after twelve years of blogging people may want to know a little more than what are my favorite books and movies. Here goes...

I was born in the fall of 1970 which makes me older than the hills but younger than dirt, depending on your own perspective. Most days I can feel anywhere between 13 years old and 90. I suspect this is true for most of us, though choosing to be child-free has made feeling like a youngster a bit easier. I'm a typical product of my generation. Grew up adoring Princess Grace of Monaco, Princess Diana, and Christie Brinkley, all blondes. It made me realize at a relatively young age that I was not going to grow up into a pretty princess or even a great conventional beauty. Then came Madonna and the rest is history. No, not really, but coming of age in the 1980s marks you in a certain way.

I loved fashion and beauty from a very early age. Watching old movies and paying attention to costumes, style and makeup had led me to draw outfits inspired by them. My favorites were peplum jackets, narrow skirts and dramatic updos. If you're thinking Joan Crawford or Norma Shearer you're not far from the truth. I was also mesmerized by my mother's skincare and makeup rituals. She has never left the house without her face on, even just to take out the trash or get the mail. And when I say "never" I mean it. My parents have been living in the same place for 30 years now. None of the neighbors have ever seen her without her makeup or dressed like a slob. When that's your role model it's no wonder one grows up paying attention to details and more than mildly obsessed with the little pretties and shinies that come in jars and tubes.

with my cat, Lizzy

The other factor that led me to this place was my non-standard look. A weird skin tone that makes matching face products a challenge, a huge mane of unruly dark hair, deep-set eyes, no cheekbones, an oddly proportioned petite figure... I could go on, but you get the picture. I spent years learning how to make the most of it, figuring out what works and what doesn't, honing my fashion sense and makeup skills. I ended up feeling like I might have something worth sharing.

And then there's perfume. Another early passion that has grown into an obsession once I realized there's a whole smelly world out there. I'm a compulsive sniffer and will drag you into my world just as I did to other people related to me through blood or marriage. My list of favorite perfumes is more of a megilah or a spreadsheet than a list, but I can tell you that I never want to be without either Shalimar, Miel de Bois or L'Air du Desert Marocain. Yes, I like big smellies. BIG.

With a newborn niece

same niece, a few years later

The other building blocks of my life are the husband, our many cats, nephews and nieces, living in NJ and making Manhattan my playground. I'm a vegetarian who would have been vegan if not for the power of cheese, love big cities and vast beaches, prefer dresses to jeans, eclairs to macarons and London to Paris.

Welcome to my blog and into my world.


  1. Love the redesign! And as always, your writing in this post is wonderful. And you have a beautiful smile.

  2. Great interesting 'about me' post!

  3. The power of cheese! You are the best Gaia!

    Love your new look, your "about me" page and best of all, the photo of you and your niece.

    Lots of love,

  4. Thank you for writing your blog --a daily read that gives much joy :-)

  5. I haven't written to you in a while, but read your blog DAILY; it is my lunchtime "treat". I'm 12 years older than you, but similar in coloring so I love to see what works with your skin tone.
    Your "new look" is great and thank you for sharing the photo with your niece(?) - you look so pretty and happy.
    Please keep blogging!

  6. You are stunning when you smile :-)

  7. Your hair in that last photo is gorgeous! Is that naturally curly? I have naturally curly hair but it's not as long as yours...probably about midway down my back. I'm always searching for what styling products other women with hair like mine use.

  8. You are a delightful person! I so love this blog even at 66. Your last two photos - smiling, such glorious beauty! Blog - on.

  9. I love your Blog and look forward to it every day. I must say, I prefer Paris to London....

  10. Maybe your face is not cheekbone-centric but you do have a ravishing nose and hair! I too love cats, swing vegetarian, and prefer Rome to Paris and London. I don't wear make-up at all but I love reading what you write about it. Perfume is another matter. It's what led me to your awesome blog! Thanks so much for what you do!

  11. Hello Gaia,

    I arrived here from Technorati - was looking for interesting blogs by women for women and found yours :)

    Looks like you have a lot of interesting stuff here - will be following your posts.


  12. Gaia, the third picture of you (with your niece I suspect :)) is a great picture of you! You look so fun yet very sharp!

    I also prefer London to Paris :).

  13. Hello Gaia,

    Just found out about your blog while looking for reviews on the famous concealer of By Terry where I also wrote a comment. love the honest and the way you write. Thank you and keep it up. xoxo Sabrina

  14. Thank-you for the warm welcome to your site!

  15. Hello, I have been enjoying your blog for a few months now and after reading your About Me page I just! couldn't! wait any longer! I had to raise the glass, give the big shout out, you know, say thanks. I too, am a 42-year-old brunette with curly hair. I (for the most part) grew up in Florida, by way of Oklahoma (yes, Oklahoma) and few other stops along the way given the wanderlust of my crazy Israeli-gypsy parents. Suffice to say, despite the most earnest of efforts, I finally had to throw in the towel and accept that my hair would never, ever look like Farah's and be good with that (still working on it, but the older I get the easier it becomes)... Thanks for sharing your world, wit, and thoughts. I thoroughly enjoy your posts and because I am late to the party, I get the benefit of reading the backlog and love it! My dresser is now strewn with LuckyScent testers of at least 20 of the fragrances you have so beautifully described. I am sure the count will increase as I continue to delve into your "archives". Word.

  16. I have always enjoyed your blog. Indeed got much inspiration from yyou in every aspect.

  17. I've just discovered your blog! I love perfume and was delighted to read your descriptions of perfumes I didn't even know existed. I've already been to Perfume Court and have received my sample of MKK. I love it!
    I'll be doing some continued sample shopping.
    Thanks for your wonderful blog.

  18. I just came across your blog when looking for Chanel's body powder (which is becoming rarer to find in Canada, sadly - I was once told that stores aren't carrying it anymore because Europe isn't...). It is nice to finally see something geared towards us non-blonds. My mother (brunette/hazel eyes) endured a childhood where her mother (my grandmother, blonde/blue) would negatively compare her with her blonde/blue sister, insulting her own daughter based on looks, saying things to make her feel unattractive or inferior. As for me, I too am a brunette and have grown up (happily) playing with Barbie dolls. But I started to notice more and more as I grew up that brunettes weren't often featured in characters that fit a very flattering role...I hate when brunettes are portrayed as "dark" or "bad/evil", while blonds get the "angelic" or even "hot" stereotype in movies/tv, etc. I notice there is a slight attitude against non-blonds in the media, fashion/beauty industry and society in general. People act as if blonds are special or superior, especially if they have blue eyes, when all it is is a hair/eye colour. It's just a colour, and just because blond hair is promoted in the media, doesn't mean everyone should be brainwashed into blindly believing it. Brown, red, black etc hair is just as beautiful. I don't see why so many women buy into this, and feel like their hair and eye colour isn't good enough and go great lengths to cover up their true beauty by applying harmful, artificial dyes and whatnot. I noticed on make-up posters in stores they are only now just using brown and hazel eyes for models. Hopefully blogs like yours will inspire others to disregard discriminatory sayings - like, "Gentlemen prefer blonds" or "blonds have more fun" (as if brunettes are inferior and are only worthy of non-gentlemen, or aren't fun to be around) - for the nonsense that it is.

  19. I love your new profile photo. Your smile lights up a room!

  20. Love your face and skin and hair - because it is more truly representative of what women all over the world look like. Love your keen intelligence even more...no BS in your reviews... you remind me of a sassy impertinent friend who tells it just like it is...no sacharine, fawning, pandering reviews.


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