Sunday, June 30, 2019

Currently- Very End of June 2019

I spent a couple of hours in the middle of the night yesterday (today, really) reading a novella by Connie Willis- I Met a Traveller in an Antique Land.  It's a quick read that pokes fun at people like me who believe wholeheartedly in digital books. I still adore the real thing in theory- smell, typeface, hardcovers- I just prefer the reading experience of the Kindle app on my iPad which allows me to read all night if I want to (I often do).

I like the new Springsteen album and various other stuff, but I woke up this morning with Paula Cole's 1996 "I don't wanna wait" running through my head. It's famous, of course, as the Dawson's Creek theme song, but I think it's bigger and better than that with all due respect to Joey and Pacey.
I don't want to wait for our lives to be over
I want to know right now what will it be

I added a subscription to Britbox and now we're watching the last two seasons of the UK Antiques Roadshow. The stuff they have over there makes me cry. The location, the sentimental items, and the amazing antiquy antiques one can find over there.

Clair de Musc layered with everything.

I'm in love with the Whale Song palette from Menagerie Cosmetics. You'd be surprised how easy these colors are to blend and wear. Either that or I'm delusional about looking like an 80s reject.

Frequently Worn Outfit/Item
Hair clips. Also known as the Jersey Tiara.

Gluten-free mini pretzels. All the fun without the heartburn.

I'm pretty sure I need a new prescription for my glasses. As well as prescription sunglasses. And I just added a x20 makeup mirror to my equipment. We'e not amused.

I can still read. And that moment when one curls up with a cat and an iPad (I know) under the blanket in a cool dark room is the epitome of joy.

A custom palette I ordered from Lethal Cosmetics may arrive this week. It's going to be fun.

I've been searching eBay for an antique brooch. Intricate silver filigree with a large aquamarine cushion-cut stone (or similar). I had one decades ago. It belonged either o my grandmother or my great-grandmother and I used to wear it on my scarves in high school or pinned to a hat (there's a story there). I kept it on a small trinket dish in my bedroom and that's where it was last seen as I was tidying my room just before a large group of friends came over for my seventeenth birthday. It was a bittersweet day for many reasons, and turned utterly sour the next morning when I discovered the brooch was gone. It never turned up. I have an unconfirmed guess.
I've been thinking about that brooch every one in a while. I wish I could find something to replace it, which is of course impossible and silly. I have a fun and satisfying vintage jewelry collection, so it's not really about the brooch. Except that sometimes it is.

Random Thought
The only reason I'm waiting for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is to buy a trio of my favorite deodorant (Donna Karan Cashmere Mist deodorant stick). It cold have been a lot worse.

How are you? What's on your list of loves and banes? Any wishes and recommendations?

Art: Władysław Ślewiński, Woman Sleeping with Cat, 1896.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Gloria Vanderbilt (1924- 2019)

Gloria Vanderbilt quotes:

"I've always believed that one woman's success can only help another woman's success."
"The fame you earn has a different taste from the fame that is forced upon you."
"You must always have great, secret, big fat hopes for yourself in love and in life.The bigger, the better."
"I've lived a lot, lost a lot, had dreams of love and fateful encounters, and although I suspect the answer is in the seeker, I still believe that what I'm looking for is just around the corner."