Thursday, January 08, 2009

Essie Vermouth

I've had the bottle of Essie Vermouth (#366) for a while, but I was distracted by other, shinier colors, so the pearly rose/plum/mauve was left untouched in a glass bowl on my dresser with other pretty colors, while the ones I actually use often reside in a drawer with other nail paraphernalia. But the other day I was in the mood for something less trendy, feminine but sophisticated. A quick look-around has ended with me finally cracking open the almost forgotten Vermouth.

It was prettier than I expected. It's one of those universally flattering colors, a bit on the cool side but perfectly balanced. It's dark enough to be noticed against olive skin, but not too much to steal the show from a pretty outfit, and always appropriate. The photo doesn't do justice to the color which is richer but not as dark.

It would have earned a permanent place among my go-to bottles if not for one thing: No durability.

I usually get good results with most Essie polishes, but this one was a disaster. It chipped on the first day. It cracks when you just look at it funny, and it started peeling the day after even though I used an Essie base and top coat and applied two layers every time I tested. Vermouth just wouldn't stay on. Shame, really. This could have been true love.

While I can't find this color on Essie's website, googling shows it's available from many places online for less than $5. I got the bottle as a PR freebie.

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