Monday, April 07, 2014

Surratt Lipslique 15 Églantine

Églantine #15 from Surratt Lipslique range looks much tamer in the tube. It's actually a very deep rose, quite complex and very elegant. It's a neutral color that goes well with either an intense eye or a mutes semi-natural look. Add to that the formula: creamy, comfortable, intensely pigmented and long lasting (it leaves a stain behind), and you get one of the prettiest lipsticks around.

The one issue with all Surratt Lipsliques is the non-retracting applicator. I've been complaining about Surratt packaging in general (the not magnetic palettes and the flimsy singles), and this is another annoyance. The products themselves are so beautiful and carefully designed. They deserve better vessels to contain and apply them.

Bottom Line: let's see how many Lipsliques I've accumulated by the end of the year.

Surratt  Lipslique 15 Églantine ($34) is exclusive to Barneys.


  1. I went to Barneys this weekend just to check out the Surratt line, and specifically the Lipsliques, since I've read such wonderful things about it. I left with 2 of the Lipsliques and agree with your sentiment of "let's see how many I've accumulated by the end of the year..."! This was the first color I tried, and although I liked it very much, I walked out with Hevyn (which I really didn't think I would like from swatches I saw online, but it ended up being the perfect nude for my pigmented lips) and Perfectionniste, a lovely springy pink. I love these so much - they are just the perfect, every day lippie for me. Despite the packaging issues, I can't wait to add more of this makeup line to my collection.

  2. This is a scrumptious colour. I may have to get one.


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