Wednesday, April 23, 2014

YSL Bleus Lumiere Palette Collector Summer 2014

Blue water, blue sky, red hills. It must be summer in the Mediterranean.

YSL Bleus Lumiere Palette Collector Summer 2014 is an irresistible piece to my blue eye shadow-loving little heart. The compact is gorgeous and I love that it's not just about blue, though, and offers two additional salmon colors, one with more sheen than the other as a counterbalance that lets you create wearable looks.

All five colors in YSL Bleus Lumiere are saturated and rich. The glimmer you see in the pan is more subtle on skin, and the texture is beautiful and soft. The eye shadows are NOT of the YSL wet-dry formula of the Pure Chromatics, and as you can see, they perform beautifully dry. The darkest blue, which is meant for use as a liner does create some fallout (visible in the swatch photo), so I do prefer using it with a damp brush (the line swatch) to eliminate the issue.

The colors in the YSL Bleus Lumiere Palette are classic. The two salmon shades end up looking very similar on the lid, except for the shiny finish, so I would have loved a golden sand color instead of either one. The blues are gorgeous: aqua, medium teal, and a shimmery navy as the liner.

Bottom Line: where is my yacht?

YSL Bleus Lumiere Palette Collector Summer 2014 ($60) is available at the counters and from

Book in the background is Yves Saint Laurent: Style

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  1. I'm so glad to see your swatches! I just ordered one of the new quints yesterday so I hope the pigmentation is just as good as this one :-)


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