Friday, April 11, 2014

Top Ten Perfume Picks For Spring

I'm writing this list on a cold night in late March. Snow flurries circling outside and more is expected by morning. Technically it's already spring, but Mother Nature is mocking us. Spring is never coming back. Still the daffodils in my back yard seem to defy the cold and the gloom and have been bravely sending green spears through the frozen ground. Somewhere deep inside the hard soil there are also bulbs of hyacinth waiting for their turn. So this is what I'm craving right now: perfumes that speak of fresh green leaves and delicate flowers opening in the cold air. Their colors are pale and their structure fragile. I'm not feeling pink and exuberant just yet, but a drop of these ten perfumes makes me regain my faith.

* Guerlain- Chamade
*  Rochas- Tocadilly.
* Serge Lutens- Bas de Soie.
* Tauer Perfumes- Carillon pour un Ange.
* Annick Goutal- Grand Amour.
* Roja Parfums- Lilac Extrait.
* Union- Gothic Bluebell
* Jean Patou- Vacances.
* Valentino- Valentino (the original from the 70s).
* DSH Perfumes- Vert pour Madame.

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  1. I don't think I've ever been more grateful for spring than I am this year. Masses and masses of violets in our back yard - no scent, but I've been wearing Coty's La Violette Pourpre, vintage Houbigant Quelques Violettes and Les Nez's Unicorn Spell to make up for that. Love all the scents on your list and have been wearing most of them (but have not been giving time to Valentino - such a wonderful, light filled scent). Am wearing Guerlinade ('98 version) this morning and just realized that (on my skin, at least), it's got a lot of similarities to Roja Dove's Lilac. Need to go get RD Lilac and try them side by side. Have also been constantly reaching for Aftelier's Wildflowers, Andy's Reverie au Jardin, vintage Vent Vert and vintage Caleche. Think I'm trying to create scent matches for the dominant colors in our yard right now.

    1. Where in the world did you get coty violette pourpre purfume? Isn't that stuff ancient and do they still sell it? Would love to know as I really want to buy some, thanks!☺️

    2. Not sure if my other comment went through the there haha. Where could I purchase a coty violette purfume? I really would love to know! Do they still sell?

  2. for me, it is an impossible tie between two Vero Profumo perfumes, Mito and Kiki. Spring is here!

  3. Just ordered a bunch of samples all on your recommendations. Can't wait. Am in search of a new warm weather scent...


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