Thursday, April 03, 2014

Lancome- Eclair Color Design Single Eye Shadow

This Color Design eye shadow in Eclair was my second pick from Lancome Hypnotic Eyes Collection. It's an interesting color-- looks more taupe in the pan, but my skin adds some warmth. The texture is of the new and improved Lancome: creamy and smooth (it is powder, though), and the finish has an almost metallic sheen. It really is a shiny product, which some might find a bit too much. There's no fallout, though, and the color applies and blends beautifully.

I find that Eclair, as well as the three middle eye shadows from the Chocolate Amande palette do best as the single focal point of the eye makeup, with nothing but a dark eyeliner and mascara around them: no complex gradation, just a simple shape around the lid. It's easy and pretty, as long as you can live with this level of shine.

Lancome- Eclair Color Design Single Eye Shadow ($20) is available at the counters and from


  1. Lancome- Eclair Color Design Single Eye Shadow looks good for its price tag. The day by day the price of products are going up , it will be difficult at one point to afford anything.

  2. What are some matte eye shadows that you like?


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