Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Rose & Blushed Rose

It was announced late last week that Bobbi Brown (the person) would be leaving Bobbi Brown (the brand). The news wasn't utterly shocking. After all, the company was sold to Estee Lauder back in 1995(!), not exactly recently. While for many years Bobbi Brown has maintained creative control over the color cosmetics, things haven't been the same for quite some time. The core collection is still one of the most reliable lines one could buy (cream eye shadow, gel liner, blush, bronzer, Pot Rouge, lipsticks, and brushes), but so many of the seasonal and limited edition items have been lacking in some way: textures, pigmentation, performance. The overall feel many newer collections seemed to have strayed from the Bobbi Brown aesthetics. It's important for any brand to update and modernize its look, but we all know that it'd take a lot more than glitter eye shadows for Bobbi Brown to become an Instagram sensation. And frankly, Bobbi Brown customers tend to appreciate makeup one can actually leave the house wearing. Imagine that.

I recently went back to a Bobbi classic: the Pot Rouge. I've had several over the years, including probably at least one in Rose. Just as I've repurchased a few MAC classics after a decade hiatus, it's been a pleasure to get reunited with old staples and find that they're as fabulous if not better than I remembered. I still only use Pot Rouge as a cream blush and not on my lips, since I find them too dry yet slip-slidy. I'm all for multitasking, but let blush be a blush.

The formula of Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge adheres nicely to my face over foundation and blends easily without causing a disturbance in the force. I only use a little bit, because this product's strength is in the way it sheers into a natural pigmented glow. It dries down within minutes and is never greasy (my skin tends towards dryness). I set it, either with a sheer powder or with an extra pop of powder blush, so longevity is close to a full day, depending on environment.

The colors I currently have are classics: Rose and Blushed Rose. They are variations on the same neutral theme, with Rose being on the reddish pink side while Blushed Rose is significantly more brown. I thought I could also use Raspberry for more vibrancy, but a quick look in my cream blush drawer has reminded me that I'm not exactly lacking in that department.

Bottom Line: you cannot go wrong.

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Rose and Blushed Rose ($30 each, made in Canada) are available from and justabout every department store in the known universe.


  1. I do think Bobbi Brown (the brand) needs an update, but as you said, many of the recent LE collections have been hit or miss in terms of quality. These pot rouges are classics, and i'm also enjoying the new Spring cream cheek palettes!

  2. YES- this is one of my absolute favorite products. The formula is outstanding, the colors are natural, as you say: you cannot go wrong. This is also the only formula I've found that really lives up to the dual-use promise and truly works well as both a lip product and a cheek color.
    Also, I hope you're having a nice holiday season! I've been pretty overwhelmed at work recently but scrolling through your blog always brings a little relaxation and serenity to my day.

  3. Bobbi Brown seems to have strayed considerably from her original concept of natural yet polished looking makeup for the active woman and the overall quality of many of her products has deteriorated considerably. There are simply way too many misses amongst the hits. When you add to that some misguided marketing (Does anyone really think Kate Upton is a Bobbi Brown kind of gal?), it's no wonder Bobbi Brown is no longer the go-to for natural beauty. We used to have a clear idea of who the Bobbi Brown woman was, but that image has lost focus. Too bad :-( It will be interesting to see what happnens now that Bobbi has announced her departure from her eponymous line.

    As for Pot Rouge, I used to have several of them. Calypso Coral and Pale Pink were perennial favorites, but then along came Tom Ford with his silky, luminous blushers and I haven't looked back. I have über dry skin and the common wisdom is that creams work better than powders, but several of today's powder/gel formulas are such silky, creamy perfection that they work beautifully on my well-moisturized skin (I also use an emollient foundation like La Mer). For anyone; however, who is committed to using a cream blush, Pot Rouge is good one.

  4. Oh and I looked at these in the shops but with the people out Christmas shopping I did not return! Rats.....I must buy one or two soon.
    I did not know about Bobbi she going to set up her own new line I wonder -like Jo Malone did?
    I want to wish you the compliments of the season Gaia

    1. Hi Lady Jicky,

      In interviews, Bobbi has not said what she's going to do for the proverbial second act; only that it's time to move on and explore other options. I think the writing has been on the wall for awhile now. Bobbi Brown was no longer Bobbi Brown.

      First we had the departure from the campaigns feauturing regular women of all ages to the "celebrity faces" of Katie Holmes and Kate Upton. More and more products started coming out that simply weren't part of Bobbi's beauty esthetic. I remember a couple years ago Bobbi was on QVC and the hostess kept asking her how she used the new products that were being introduced. Several times Bobbi said, "I don't use that." which left the poor hostess looking very flustered. The hostess' obvious discomfort would have been funny except Bobbi was absolutely serious. And then, when the brand began courting the Asian market, Bobbi was told her line was too neutral and that she'd need more color and more shimmer to be successful. All considered, it sounds to me like Bobbi was rapidly losing creative control. Yeah, it was time to get out.

  5. Hi Eileen!!!
    Oh boy ....I would have hated to be the lady interviewing Bobbi that day on TV! LOL
    After reading Eileen"s comment .. yep - time to get out I guess.

  6. Both colors are gorgeous! I'm going through a Rose-everything (perfume, lipstick, blush) phase, I might need to check these out and pronto! :)


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