Friday, December 01, 2017

Currently- November/December 2017 Edition

Is it me or does the image above, Vanity Fair's December 1917 cover oddly and appropriately creepy?

Laura Ingalls Is Ruining My Life by Shelley Tougas. None of my usual comfort rereads wasn't doing it so I've gone prairie. It's cute and better for peace of mind than Philip K. Dick.

Ryan Adams covering Tegan & Sara's Back In Your Head. Actually the entire  The Con X: Covers is excellent and all proceeds from it benefit The Tegan and Sara Foundation, which fights for health, economic justice, and representation for LGBTQ girls and women.

Binging on art documentaries.  Every show made and written by Waldemar Januszczak is excellent: informative, thought-provoking, and wonderfully entertaining. The Renaissance would never be the same for me (and some things cannot be unseen). I need to look at his books.

I'm supposed to have a good re-sniff trying to think about the year's best releases, but it just makes me want more vintage. Not that there weren't a handful of things I truly loved and joined my collection, but the disappointments were many and colossal. Do I have enough pre-reformulation Miel de Bois backups?

Lancome Monsieur Big mascara. Hate the name, love the lashes.

Frequently Worn Item/Outfit
Scarves and the various accessories that hold them in place just so. See below.

How to use a penanular brooch. I saw an antique(ish) Scottish penannular on eBay and wanted to know how it works. I lost the auction but gained a couple of ideas for accessories I can use in a similar way.

I'm ok with guacamole as a food group.


Right this moment Sophie and Olivia are playing "Mouse for Cats" on my iPad together. They seem to take turns catching the mouse, and Sophie is somewhat better at this game. Occasionally they slap each other, but somehow it works out.

A new year.

A week without what the writers on call the "Perv of the day advent calendar".

Random Thought
Do you believe that Meghan really "knew nothing" about Prince Harry before their blind date? Regardless, I love her and the two of them together.

How are you? What's on your list of loves and banes? Any wishes and recommendations?

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  1. Book
    Five-volume Dostoevsky biography by Joseph Frank

    Hub recently listened to U2's second album October, and it reminded me of how good they were before. Rejoice!

    Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond - Netflix Documentary

    Finally had my summer holiday and made the most of it by wearing scents I can't wear at work: L'Air de Rien, Fumerie Turque, Cuir Mauresque...

    Shiseido Rouge Rouge lipsticks, am completely smitten. Found Bloodstone and Real Ruby at Stockmann sale, was so impressed with them that hoarded more shades at Yliopiston Apteekki Pharmacy sale.

    Spinach, aubergine, and various root vegetables with miso have been very much on the menu lately.

    Winter solstice, this November has been very novembery.


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