Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Chanel Premieres Fleurs Harmony Of Powders & Rouge Coco Glossimer Bourgeoisie

I promised you more spring/summer 2018 Chanel stuff and this is part of it. The brand might have been overdoing it a bit with new mini collections and minor releases every few weeks (since when is cruise makeup collection a thing?) , but it's all very pretty and far less pastel-toned than usual so instead of complaining I just bought all of it. Almost.

The Premieres Fleurs Harmony Of Powders is this season's limited edition collector's item. I don't buy these often, but when I do I put them to good use despite the urge to save them untouched and unspoilt. I'm a makeup user, not a collector, and I want to enjoy and get the luxury experience of applying this beauty to my face. I do have to side-eye Chanel for only ever releasing (please correct me if I'm forgetting something) these items in fair-to-light color combinations. I'm of a neutral ashy olive complexion and can wear some of them but not all (other than as a glowy finishing powder, I guess). I wish Chanel was more inclusive here.

The new(ish) Premieres Fleurs Harmony Of Powders is a combination of a pale warm rose blush and a whit moonlightish highlighter. The compact (about the size of a Chanel regular blush) is wide enough so you can go in with your brush and pick the blush and highlighter separately, or just swirl them together. Both methods give a very pretty radiant look. The blush shows up on my cheeks much better than it swatches, which happens to me with many Chanel makeup items. That's their beauty, really, the complexity of the pigment translates very well to the face; the very fine texture delivers a veil of color that never cakes or look patchy, yet can be built to some degree. I have no issue with pigment intensity in Premieres Fleurs Harmony Of Powders, but I suspect anyone darker than an NC 37-40 would find it just a glorified peachy finishing powder, and that's a shame.

There's a bit of a silver overspray in the Asian-inspired embossing. It goes away after the first brush swipe. I understand why they did it, but overspray annoys the everloving bejeesus out of me on principle. Don't put makeup on my makeup. That's my job.Other than that it's a classic Chanel face color, in the usual packaging with the familiar velveteen pouch and a brush that works in a pinch (I used it for the swatches and it didn't slash or irritate my skin). I like using relatively small domed or tapered blush brushes with a good snap and density, but just about anything that fits the compact and my face works very well. I've experimented with angled flat duo-fiber brushes (Hakuhodo G5552), small Yachiyo, candle-shaped highlighter brushes, and just about everything that isn't a massive super fluffy powder brush has performed well.

Bottom Line: for Chanel lovers who blush and highlight responsibly.

Chanel Premieres Fleurs Harmony Of Powders ($70, made in Italy) is a limited edition item. Available from most Chanel counters, Chanel boutiques that sell their beauty line, and chanel.com.

Chanel Glossimers were probably the very first Chanel makeup item I've bought decades ago. All the old colors have been gone for ages (how many Giggle or Unity Glossimer have you repurchased?), and the formula has been tweaked for the better more than once. The current version is actually called Rouge Coco Gloss Moisturizing Glossimer, but the packaging is the same as ever. It's a lip gloss with a typical fuzzy doe foot applicator and a very hydrating and comfortable formula. It's old school in the very best way,  not goopy, doesn't smear everywhere, and has just enough pigment to be worn by itself on a casual lip day. The color I chose this time, Bourgeoisie 119, came out with the other summer items and matches the color story (I'll show you the quad, Premiere Eclosion, in an upcoming post) but it's part of the permanent collection. The color is a warm(ish) true rose with a shimmery finish, the texture is smooth gel-like that's not gritty, and has a very faint makeupy smell that goes away immediately.

Bottom Line: It's Chanel, it's a Glossimer, you know what you're getting (hint: for better and for worse, not an Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss).

Rouge Coco Glossimer in 119 Bourgeoisie ($30, made in France) is sold wherever Chanel makeup is available.


  1. Lately I've been trying to avoid being tempted by limited edition products and looking at my stash by products in general. Thank goodness this one is sold out every where I looked because I was really tempted by this one, thinking it would be perfect on my super fair skin. Oh well, there will probably be another limited edition collection along soon.

  2. Giggle! I bought so many of those. (I think it was called Praline outside of the US, and I also bought several of those over the years.) Loved the color, hated the sticky formulation. The new formulation is so much better. And you've made Bourgeoisie look very tempting...uh oh.

  3. Chanel Glossimers vs Chantecaille Gloss - how is a girl to choose? Both beautiful, in a rich palette of shades, although Chantecaille has mainly lighter colors. I love the Chantecaille Glamour for its brightening red glow (imperceptible glimmer but not gross glitter) mixed with Chantecaille Fig gloss for everyday MLBB. You can get minis on eBay to toss in your evening purse or wristlet. The Chantecaille Fig gloss in a doe foot applicator has never leaked, but the Chantecaille Glamour with a brush applicator seems to have a slight leak around the neck, best kept safely at home. Chanel gloss seems to have more visible glitter, so save it for evening - Red Venetian Silk is sumptuous, makes me feel like a marchesa!


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