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Currently- April 2019

In which I try very hard not to make it all about Game Of Thrones and barely succeed.

Tomorrow, Friday the 26th of April, is the thirteenth anniversary of this blog. It has to mean something, I’m just uncertain what exactly. It’s amusing to read my very first post, though. Some things never change.

Inheritance: A Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity, and Love by Dani Shapiro. The subject matter is fascinating to me since I've been doing a deep-dive into my own family's roots, and Ms. Shapiro has been a favorite author of mine for nearly twenty years. I easily recommend everything she's written.

Think Quiet by Rare Dm.  I like the entire album (Vanta Black) well enough but several of the songs sound too similar to each other. This one is my favorite and it's enough.

Also, this. Obviously.

For the next four weeks there's only one show I care about. Sorry.

Posting about my occasional weird perfume choices seems to have cured me for the most part. Today I'm wearing Santal Noble by MPG and last night it was Piper Nigrum by Lorenzo Villerosi That's more like it.

I'm incredibly boring. I've used the 20% Ulta discount on the most basic skincare and personal care items, and will do the same with Sephora's Rouge coupon. However, last month I preordered the Whale Song palette from Menagerie Cosmetics, so I can continue my current theme of blue and green. I have their older two palettes and love working with them, creating both neutral and colorful looks. The texture is fantastic and the beautiful packaging doesn't hurt.

Frequently Worn Outfit/Item
Spring's the season I never know what to wear and always get rained-on. I rely on a rotation of very soft faux-leather jackets that drape nicely and go with both jeans and little silk dresses.

Wehani rice. It's a reddish whole grain rice that takes a while to cook (an hour and a half in our rice cooker) and has a spectacular aroma, flavor, and texture. Goes well in a stir-fry as well as with beans and guac.

I can't complain. The banes are small enough to let them go and move on.

Rebooting the blog and letting go.

Anne Bloeyn on Twitter. She says it so much better than I could.

Going to see Trevor Noah on tour. And, yes, also- whatever comes after the battle on Wintefell.

Other than for Brienne to survive the battle (no chance, I know)?  Ruffled dresses need to go away. Extra volume is the work of satan.

Not-so-random Thought
Either all the mentions of the Winterfell crypts safety is a rain of red herrings, or we're going to see several interesting undead. I know that most TV writers and commentators predict things we would really want to unsee, but I have a different take.  If we think back to the pre-season tease that has shown s the crypt, remember how all three dead voices were talking specifically about Jon Snow. Lyanna demanded that Ned protect her son, Catelyn lamented that her inability to love Jon was the reason of the calamities that befell House Stark, and Ned himself reminded Jon that they're of the same blood. So what if...?

Truly Random Thought
What takes up the most space on the internet? The husband claims it has to be porn. I'm convinced he's wrong. It's all about cats, right?

How are you? What's on your list of loves and banes? Any wishes and recommendations?

Photos of spring flowers by my sister, Shiri Hilton.


  1. Book - Caught In the Revolution: Petrograd Russia, 1917 – A world on the Edge.
    TV - GOT, what else?
    Perfume - I’m wearing a lot of green scents lately, Chanel No. 19, Safari, Niki de st Phalle, Knowing, Private Collection, Aliage. Estee Lauder really did have beautiful creations in their collection.
    Makeup – I finally used up the last of my Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Peacock. Tried to repurchase only to find it’s been discontinued. **Frowns**
    Frequently Worn Outfit/Item – jeans, ballet flats and striped tops, in particular, tops by Petit Bateau. Apparently, nautical is my thing.
    Food – Copious amounts of inappropriate carbohydrates. I’ve never heard of Wehani rice, have to add that to my shopping list!
    Bane Work Politics and very sensitive reactive skin….
    Joy – my kitty cats and spin class. Well, except for the time I nearly killed myself in spin class, you should see the bruises….
    Anticipation - The battle against the Night King.
    Wishlist - For Brienne to survive the battle. But I’m not getting my hopes up. I’d also add, would GRRM PLEASE finish the last book?

  2. Book: Nothing, unfortunately. With all the movies that Netflix are getting rid of and I still haven't watched, there was no time.

    Music: LSD. They finally released the album and I'm living for it.

    TV: GOT. Tried to watch the new season of The OA, but I barely remember the first season.

    Perfume: Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte. Got a sample of the conditioner, got addicted.

    Makeup: Sunscreen, bare face and lots of uv powder. When I bothered: Colour Pop Jelly Much Eyeshadows.

    Frequently Worn Outfit/Item: Shovava cotton scarves saved me this crazy extended summer. Very little and light clothing with one of them draped on my shoulders.

    Food: Finally there's a restaurant with decent Ramen close to me.

    Bane: Bugs. Book moths and now termites.

    Joy: Rohto Melano CC skincare line. It completely changed my skin texture.

    Anticipation: Big Little Lies and Stranger Things.

    Wishlist: At least one of the Shovava new shawls, a new pair of sunglasses and some cute and cheap headbands.

  3. Late as usual, but first, congrats on the anniversary. I've gone back and read almost every post. Also LOVE Shiri's photos, especially the one with the snails. I've never seen anything like that. Now for my currently:
    Book(s): John Le Carre British Spy Novels
    Music: Always stuck on classic rock & roll
    TV: None
    Perfume: Penhaligon's Ostara, Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia, Guerlain Terra Cotta
    Makeup: Bright, clear reds & corals for gel mani/pedi; slightly darker matte foundation over lots of under-eye concealer; "neutral" coral blush; had my eyelashes lifted & dyed-still use mascara; brow powder; soft lip colors
    Frequently Worn Outfit/Item: Chloe snake sandals with 2" chunky heel & large gold oval between straps. They go with almost everything. Also wearing lots of off-white (the color).
    Food: Every kind of light, fresh pasta dish
    Bane: Pain, everywhere
    Joy: Coming into the A/C after being out in the hot, sticky world
    Anticipation: When (if?) I ever get it back together
    Wishlist: Restful nights, energetic days
    Random Thought: I need help
    Love to all, Judy

  4. Book
    Reread "Mad Girl's Love Song: Sylvia Plath and Life Before Ted" by Andrew Wilson

    DUB is still going strong

    Mrs Wilson

    Once again my April staples of past fifteen years: Folavril and Eau de Charlotte, but at the end of the month my neglected old flame Yerbamate made a comeback!

    My trusty workhorse lipstick MAC All Fired Up is again on heavy rotation

    Frequently worn item
    My tangerine anorak

    Blood pancakes and liver casserole (no, this is not a joke)

    Anemia (which is also the reason for the above food choices)



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