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House And Garden Spring Furnishing Cover by L. V. Carroll, May 1919

I'm sneaking this one in just hours before the end of May. I waited for Game of Thrones to be over so I could exorcize it from my mind and read things other than recaps. Yes, the last two seasons should have been a full ten episode each, yes, there was no payoff to several story threads, and true- the Night King ended up being pretty lame (the actor, Vladimir Furdik, is a delight, though). Still, the ending did make sense in the grand scheme of Westerosy things, and as long as Brienne and Davos are alive and well I'm happy. Now, where did Drogon go and what's west of Westeros?

Johan Harstad- Buzz Aldrin, What Happened to You in all that Confusion?
It's a Norwegian novel from over a decade ago (I've had it on my Kindle app forever), about a young man whose hero is the second man on the moon instead of Neil Armstrong.
There's something about the sensibility of some  Scandinavian literature that makes me want to hop on a plane and spend midsummer over there.

Erik Scott- The Invisible Wand

We just watched the first season of A Discovery of Witches. Like the books, it's not bad. With the added charm of Matthew Goode. Who doesn't like Matthew Goode?

Dodo by Zoologist. Actually today I'm wearing the brand's Chameleon, which is a marvelous musky skin scent, but Dodo is has completely captured me with its joie de vivre. I need both, and thankfully they're sold in a travel spray form.

Metallic pencils in light colors on the waterline and smudged a little under the lower lashes. I can't do a full dark smoky eye, but a bright copper or an antique gold work well and go with the season's marine blue trend.

Frequently Worn Outfit/Item
Well-supported sparkly ballet flats by Fit-Flops. Pretty and comfortable shoes. Who woulda thought?

These days I'm all about getting a lot of my nutrition via fresh smoothies. I'm even willing to have kale in my green ones, and kale has always been my line in the sand.

There can be no banes after a day spent on the shore.

Central a/c.

Are you a J.Crew fan? I've been shopping there for decades, buying decent basics I could mix and match with vintage pieces or higher end designers. But something has definitely changed. Vanity Fair is trying to analyze the evolution of the brand and its future.

Right now? A much-needed nap. Also, a chocolate lava cake. It's all about the small but delectable things today.

A cherry tree.

Random Thought
All the HMOs and other healthcare providers should have SPF stations on every beach and hand over free sunscreen. It's so much cheaper than the alternative.

How are you? What's on your list of loves and banes? Any wishes and recommendations?


  1. Book
    Peterburg by Andrei Bely, and St. Petersburg related fact books

    You're Gonna Miss Me by The 13th Floor Elevators, RIP Roky Erickson

    UEFA Champions League final tonight!

    En Passant because it's lilac time!

    Violet/purple/lilac nail polishes and fuchsia/berry lippies

    Frequently worn item
    My light grey Inouïtoosh scarf with purple, blue and green bicycles (which has since 2015 been my choice of scarf when wearing En Passant)

    Green asparagus!

    Sideways Festival next week

  2. Book - Nothing. I've started at least a half dozen books and haven't gotten further than a chapter or two before dropping them. It's my brain, not the books. I think.
    TV- Hanna (remake of the 2011 movie on Amazon), NBA Finals
    Perfume - Going through all my samples and decants and wearing a new one each day. Polished off Diptyque Volutes the other day.
    Makeup - Sunscreen, maybe mascara if I can be bothered.
    Outfit Item - Black glitter Vans
    Food - Cool, crisp, crunchy salads with varying combos of all the spring vegetables.


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