Friday, April 28, 2006

Battle of the Frizz

I’m not a real authority on hair-styling products. For the simple reason that I don’t style my hair. It’s very long, very thick, quite healthy but demands extra moisturizing, not sculpting.

I’ve had different styles and lengths in the past. It was super short with eighties spikes, pixie-ish, feathered, cut into a short bob and a long bob. My hair and my face look better when it’s long. I don’t hide behind it. It’s almost an accessory that is supposed to flatter what I have. I never do bangs, as it doesn’t look good on me. I just keep it swept back, often with a side part and that’s it.

I don’t own a hair drier. You wouldn’t either if you had so much hair. I towel and air-dry it, that’s all it takes.

Here’s what I do use:
I alternate between TRESemme shampoo and conditioner for dry/damaged hair and the stuff by Biolage- the shampoo and conditioning balm. I buy the biggest bottles they make, though (33.8 fl oz). Otherwise I’m running out way too often. I also like hair masks. Right now what I’m using is Neutrogena’s Triple Moisture.

By the way, I used to love St. Ives Vanilla & Edelweiss shampoo and conditioner but it has become almost impossible to find, and basic hair care products is something that I need to be able to easily find.

After washing and conditioning my hair, I always use a leave-in conditioner. My current favorite (which is really the best one I’ve found) is also by TRESemme- their Anti-Frizz Secret. I buy every single tube my local Target brings in.

And for frizz emergency there’s always the legendary Biosilk Silk Therapy Treatment, though I try not to get too much of it on my scalp, because it makes it itch.


  1. I'm printing this off and taking it with me to the store today. I've used the Biolage before and it was okay. I've never tried the other stuff though.
    Funny thing about how you describe your hair - it could be mine you are talking about. Yours is longer right now, but otherwise... yeah. No hair driers. Ever.

  2. I wanted to let you know that you are not alone:) Your blog came up when I did a search for St. Ives Vanilla & Edelweiss conditioner. Just so you know, St. Ives (which is made by the same people who make VO5, Alberto-Culver) has eliminated their hair care line in the US. I never cared for any of the shampoos, but I loved the conditioners, especially the Vanilla. Thankfully, I had been stockpiling the conditioners for close to 3 years, ordering by mail directly from the company.

    I am also a brunette, but I think my hair is thicker than yours. It is also wavy and about waist-length. What I found from the St. Ives conditioners was that they truly eliminated tangles for wet hair, even the one for oily hair. Even ordering from the company, I was paying about $1.69 per 20oz bottle---incredibly inexpensive.

    With the shampoo, you might try American Crew (a man's shampoo) for normal to dry hair. It's my regular one and it leaves your hair really soft and very few snags before the conditioner. American Crew also makes another one called Citrus Mint, also in the men's line, which smells great and acts similarly. You might try alternating with these depending on how often you wash.

    Be careful with the Neutrogena Triple Moisture, because it can turn on you after a while, especially if your hair is not truly damaged. If your hair is not behaving as usual, stop using it for a while. With the Biosilk, same recommendation because I had a weird experience with it after using for about a month. I've since left it alone.

  3. I did an online search for the St. Ives shampoo with Vanilla and Edelweiss. I really like the stuff!One site says the company no longer makes it. However, I came across the shampoo at the following site, with even a photo of the shampoo; I don't know how reputable this online company is, or maybe they would tell us they don't have it in stock (or go ahead and substitude another shampoo and send that to us without our permission). Here is the link


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