Sunday, April 30, 2006

Monyette Paris Perfume Oil

I've gotten addicted to ordering sample packs from Luckyscent over the last few months. They keep me occupied, amused, and sometimes challenged, and it's all good. The full bottles that seem to arrive out of nowhere soon after are the dark side of this hobby, but let's not go there. The last sample pack I got has proven especially lethal. It included  Monyette Paris, a fragrance that was just reviewed by the Beauty Addict  and I didn't particularly expect to like, but was very curious about because of that review.

The first whiff seemed to confirm my suspicion: a big and heady gardenia.  I was strongly reminded of my mom's eternal Chloe (my mother and her one-fragrance devotion are worthy of a separate post). There's no tuberose there, though, and the journey to a tropical destination started growing on me pretty quickly. It's cheerful, petaly, very femme, a kind of fantasy summer vacation thing on that perfect island where there are no mosquitoes, no sweat, and no sand in one's bikini.

The creamy vanillic dry-down has a hint of wood, a spoonful of sugar, and a maybe-incense thing far in the background. It's an indulgence, perhaps, more treat than a cerebral experience, but that's perfectly fine for summer. And for men.

I'm not the biggest fan of perfume oils, especially in a vial (but that's just the sample. The real thing comes as a roll on, so there won't be any more cleavage drippage). It took Monyette Paris a few minutes to set before I stopped feeling glistenly anointed. My recommendation is to apply where you won't be rubbing it on things or exposing it to sunlight. Other than that it's all good.

Monyette Paris ($45, 1/8 oz) can be purchased from BeautyHabit and Luckyscent.

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