Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lip Service IV: In the Red (sort of)

This is a good time as any to talk about red lipstick. I was looking at this photo of Anne Hathaway, who is very lovely. But the lip color just doesn't work. Am I the only one who sees this? It's too harsh and isn't flattering at all. Not something that would make me run to Sephora and buy the look.

Anne Hathaway isn't the only one that doesn't look her best in such bold lip color. I wasn't too impressed with Michelle Williams' Oscar makeup (though I loved the vibrant yellow dress), and I don't think that Reese Witherspoon is doing herself any favors here:

But the blondes aren't the only ones having a hard time wearing true red. This non-blonde has long ago discovered that although the idea of wearing Chanel Red or any color like it is very alluring, it doesn't work in reality, and an adjustments must be made. Catherine Zeta Jones seems to be of a similar opinion. Although she usually wears deep, reddish colors, it's never the shades I've shown above. I don't know what exactly Catherine is wearing. Maybe I should check the Elizabeth Arden counters for it. But I'm more than happy with both my old Lancome stand-by and with my newest discovery- Dior Addict in Digital Brown, which is neither digital nor brown, but is a very pleasant reddish color.

But first, let's talk Lancome. I've been using the Sugared Maple for more years than I can remember. It's always been my daytime red, something that is strong and visible enough, but never over-the-top. It's a brownish red that goes well with most of my clothes and has a pearly finish that isn't too shiny. It's interesting to note that the same color on my sister, who is a much paler non-blonde, is still very beautiful but can only work for night. It's too dark on her to be worn casually.

Lancome has made a small change to this lipstick over the years.I started using it when it was part of the Rouge Absolu line before this range became very creamy, and nowadays it's a Rouge Sensation. I don't think that the formula has changed,just the packaging, as Rouge Absolu used to include several options for a finish. The texture is what it's always been- not too dry, good staying power and good coverage. It would probably not suit very dry lips without blending it with a gloss (and then losing some of the color). I like it so much that I have a tube in just about every purse.

Lately I've been looking for a more modern take on the brownish red subject. And I've found it at Neiman's Dior counter. Dior Addict in Digital Brown looks like a lighter version of Mapled Sugar. It's a little more red and more sheer, the finish is still pearly or metallic. I think it has a better coverage, though, like SM it is a bit dry and I'd be careful using it on days that my lips tend to chap. But it stays put for hours, doesn't bleed or melt, and overall it's my new favorite. For extra comfort I do layer it with gloss: DiorKiss in Praline- a nude (on me)color that gives shine and moisture and works well with any brown lipstick.

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  1. Aveda makes some great reds that work wonders with my Mexican/Sicilian complexion.
    One of the best reds I've ever tried, if not THE best one was an Aveda red called "Vermilion"
    It's since been discontinued but when last I checked they had a red that was similar.
    Since I'm not in the market for a red I don't remember the name but for all of you with a bit of olive or yellow undertone with some pale brown thrown in for good measure, hie you to an Aveda salon and take a look at their red lipsticks.
    The Kitten don't lie and the Kitten is very vain!


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