Thursday, June 15, 2006

Practical Magic- Smashbox Eye Illusions

Every once in awhile I find a makeup item that is pure fun- something that is not just pretty, but also gives you a chance to play, experiment and recreate your face. I actually bought Smashbox Eye Illusions late last year and I'm still learning what can be done with it.

Smashbox is a pretty hyped brand, but their Eye Illusion is relatively unknown, even though it's been on the market since 2003. I found it while exploring their display in Sephora in search of mascara. I usually ignore anything that looks so pale, but somehow I read the description and had to try it. I was wearing dark blue liner and a hint of blue shadow (Chanel Jeans). I swiped some of the purple opal (it's actually more blue than purple) over it, using my finger and got a new color: lighter, pearly, and very girly. I did the same over the other eye and really loved the look. Needless to say, this compact went home with me.

Since then I've been playing with the different shades (pink, green, yellow gold, and bluish-purple opal), figuring out what it can do. My findings so far: It looks best over any dark shadow or liner, it also works over blush, applied with a brush or with a finger for more intensity, and the colors can be mixed together.

Eye Illusions can be a part of an elaborate, carefully applied look. But its charm is that it can also transform the face instantly. What I did today was very simple: I outlined my upper lid with Sue Devitt's thick pencil in Gold Reef which is my basic, no time, no patience, emergency choice. Then swiped the yellow over the entire eye area- over the liner and on the brow bone in one or two wide strokes using a soft brush. Added black mascara and that was it. Fully made-up eyes in light, pretty colors in less than a minute for both eyes. I can get behind that.

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  1. Interesting. I have been wondering about the Smashbox palette...I love to mix things up but usually stay away from light, shimmery colors on their own...I might have to try this!


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