Sunday, September 10, 2006

Silvery Lines

After discovering what a light color under the lower lashes can do, I started looking for more. I wanted silver, but it seems that no one makes a silver eye pencil. I've searched high and low, plowed through Sephora, but the closest I've found was very light, silvery icy blue.
I bought Vincent Longo's Duo Eye Pencil in Satin Plum. The dark plummish color isn't too purple. I use it on my upper lid and it blends well with my natural color and doesn't clash with brown shadows- it's definitely more plum than violet and has enough brown undertones to look good on me. It might be too harsh for fair skin. The color sample on is more realistic than the one on Sephora's web site.

The almost silvery ice is very light but deeply pigmented, so the color shows nicely. It has the same eye-opening effect that I liked with the green pencils, it brings light to the area and brings out the very dark brown of my eyes. It's an evening look for me. I don't think that I'd want this effect during the day, but the whole look of heavily lining wasn't really made for daylight to begin with.

As for the pencil's performance:
It's not as smooth gliding as the L'Oreals, especially the dark side. I prefer it not to be too thinly sharpened, otherwise it's a bit too stiff. The line stays in place and doesn't run, bleed or smudge. It's very long lasting. The light side also stayed put quite well. There was a little (very little) color bleeding after about 7 hours, probably because of the area it was applied to (inside and just under the lower lashes). It's not a perfect pencil, but it delivers and will be used quite a bit.

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