Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lorac Snake Charmer Palette and Lip Intensity

Over a month of using Bobbi Brown's chocolate palette has taught me three things:
1. I really like the almost neutral look for eyes. Most of the time.
2. If you start wearing the new fall look in July, you'll be tired of it come September.
3. Brown is nice and all, but a night out on the town requires a bit more than that.

Which means that I was more than ready for something new. Enter Sephora (or rather- enter me entering Sephora). At first I was about to buy Smashbox' Electric eye shadow quad that I've been eyeing for some time. I'm still coveting a teal shadow, but the gold and the bronze were just a bit off. The gold had too much yellow in it, and the bronze too similar to other colors I already have.

Instead, I found Lorac's Snake Charmer eye and face palette. When I saw it online (the picture I'm using here) I wasn't impressed, but I can tell you that the colors in this photo are a bit off. In reality they are deeper and browner, the gold has no green undertones and the other shades aren't pinkish. I even liked the blush. It is peachy, but for once not too coraly to make me look like a tropical fruit (I'm not a fan of Nars' Orgasm). It actually looks fresh and flattering.

The shadows have a lot of shimmer , but fallout is minimal, the light colors are, indeed, highlighting (my inner corner rejoices) and the royal brown is perfect and rich. It's dark, deep ,shimmery and looks absolutely gorgeous. It gave me exactly the bedazzled look I was craving after all the tasteful mattes.

I also have to add that the compact itself is adorable. The snakeskin and little red jewel are cute and different. It definitely stands out in a sea of black plastic cases, as slick as they seem.

So there I was, with an almost done face: neutral but festive eyes (I added liquid black liner- my trusted Lancome Artliner), glowy-faced, but what about the lips? I needed something different there.

My choice was another Lorac (I was at their stand, after all), Lip Intensity gloss in Daring. It was, indeed, a very daring color. In this case, the sample picture is true to life. It's a deep wine color that looks bold and intense as promised and is not for the faint of heart or shaky of hand. The texture of this gloss is more like a liquid lipstick. It's thick (needs a bit of practice to get it right), opaque and covers well. I absolutely love it. When I manage not to get it on my teeth.

Both the gloss and the palette are exceptional in quality. They're richly pigmented, apply well and boast an impressive longevity. It looks like I'll be coming back for more Lorac in the near future. They have an extensive selection of lip colors and several interesting eye shadows. Sadly, none of them was teal.

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  1. Have you ever tried Bare Esentuals? I love them and the look I get.


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