Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Once I got my skin to calm down and settle with the miracle of Secret de Vie, I could start testing something less active. I'm still using Vie at night, so it can perform its magic while I'm asleep. But, Besame Cosmetic's Delightful Rose moisturizer is a decent winter lotion. It's very moisturizing while absorbing quickly and leaving the skin soft and comfortable. It's just a little heavy, which makes it an ideal product for me during the cold months, but probably too much for humid summer days. Still, it isn't greasy and so far ( a week of daily use), I haven't had any breakouts.

The lotion has a wonderful rose smell. I'm mostly over skin care products in medical looking packages and no fragrance, so I'm loving the luxury feel that one gets from this kind of products. Like everything made by Besame, the tube and its box are pretty and very retro. Placing the lotion next to the lipstick and powder, it looks like something that belongs on a dresser of a movie star from a bygone era.

**Edit: After using it for a while longer, it looks like this lotion is, indeed, too heavy on my pores and is causing the occasional break out. I checked and double checked to make sure that it was the only part in my skin care routine that can be responsible for it, and sadly it is so.

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